Dream Meanings for Hair

Because of the coronavirus, many people in the United States and around the world are having bad hair days! Which is one of the reasons I’m writing a blog on dream meanings for hair, plus a client gave me permission to use her dream. And I also had a dream regarding my hair – aka mop. The first part of this post will be about possible general meanings. Then I will interpret two dreams, my client’s dream and mine. With a personal account of what’s going on in my life.

General Dream Meanings for Hair

Here are nine possible interpretations:

  1. Our hair may represent our power, as the story of Samson and Delilah illustrates.
  2. There are actual problems with your hair that need to be addressed.
  3. The style of your hair in the dream could be symbolic of whether or not something suits you in your life.
  4. It may be time to make a decision about an important circumstance in your life.
  5. If your hair is dirty in the dream, it might mean that you are having dirty or negative thoughts.
  6. You need to be less vain about your appearance.
  7. It’s time for you to put more effort into looking presentable.
  8. The state of your health can be shown by the hair symbol.
  9. An indication of the amount of time or effort something will take can be shown by long or short hair.

None of the above meanings are written in stone. If only interpreting your dream meanings for hair was that easy! When interpreting a dream, you need to ponder: emotions within the dream, other symbols, your past experiences, present issues, possible future events, and more…

Hair Dream Meanings

Client’s Dream Meanings for Hair

I let my dogs out to do their business. I was feeling bad for one of my dogs because he couldn’t see where he was going, nor the treat I gave him. Then I put his bangs in a ponytail and cut his hair so he can see.


Since this dream was sent as an email, I didn’t see my client’s hair or her dog’s hair; however, she did grant me permission to use the dream. These are potential messages for her dream:

  • Your dog needs extra attention.
  • The dog may have issues with his eyes.
  • Be careful around your dog’s eyes when you cut his hair.

Yet, intuitively I feel this dream pertains more to my client. Here are more possible interpretations:

  • There’s a situation in your life you’re not seeing clearly.
  • Because of the pandemic, it would be such a treat to have your haircut and you feel bad that you can’t.

This very short dream demonstrates how one dream can have many meanings.

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Pamela’s Dream

In my dream Stacy (my hairdresser of seven years) had died from Covid-19. I was very upset because I care about her. Also, who else could do my mop as good as her?

Then in the next scene I was auguring and angry at a male hairdresser because he wouldn’t listen to how I wanted my hair done. Instead, he kept telling me how my hair needed to be.

Upon awakening from my dream, I prayed that Stacy was okay.

Possible Dream Meanings for Hair

A few days after the dream, I noticed a woman’s hair in a video on Facebook. Her long, thick hair is very white in the front, while dark in the back, which looked very cool to me.

Then a few more days passed when I received a text from Stacy – the salon is open on Monday! To my surprise, I got an instant loud NO from my spirit guides. Every time I thought about getting my hair painted (dyed) I heard no. I wondered if I was being warned that it wasn’t safe and that was what my dream was about. Therefore, I called her to discover her salon would operate. She went into her protocol and that it was up to the customer to decide whether or not they wanted to wear a mask. I told her let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.

Honestly, I wasn’t too crazy about people not wearing mask there especially because of my dream. Upon meditating and asking for guidance this was my epiphany:

  • To wait until North Carolina went into the third and final stage of opening up the state.
  • How sick I was of getting my hair painted, the burning/itching of the dye, and the amount of time/money spent doing it.
  • It was the perfect opportunity to allow the actual color (salt with a dash of pepper) to grow out since it had been already been a couple of months. And in the summer my hair is either in a ponytail or bun because it’s so hot and humid where I live.

I texted Stacy back with my intentions, plus how I would still like her to trim/style my long layers once we went into the third stage. Whew! Instead of a negative response, she text me to send her pictures.


It seems my dream was really a precognitive dream that needed a little time to figure out. However, more information may be revealed…

Stacy’s so-called death was the death of me painting my hair, while transforming into the color it’s meant to be. This is also about my personal transformation to the next chapter of my life…

The male hairdresser is symbolic of society’s belief of how women look old and letting themselves go if they don’t dye their hair. Believe me, I bought into this school of thought for many decades. Therefore, I needed to change my own beliefs and not allow other’s opinions to sway me from my truth.

In Conclusion

It will be interesting what my future dreams will be since I already had a dream of me with pink hair! I’m loving the color of my salt and pepper roots. I am very blessed that my mate and family support me during my transition. There are lots of supportive women’s groups on Facebook and I joined three. Plus a ton of blogs, one of my favorites is Katie Goes Platinum. Pinterest is always great for hair ideas and my go to when I need a visual reminder of how beautiful women look with grey hair.

If you need help with your hair dream or any other type of dream, please visit my shop and services page.

Embrace the Grey Hair Dream

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