Meditation has been used for centuries to assist humans with accessing their inner wisdom to accelerate spiritual growth and bring peace into their lives. These days many people are usually too busy to meditate, which is why guided mediations are helpful to society as a whole.

Pamela Cummins created guided meditations for busy people who are interested in dream interpretation and/or a particular dream category. These audio meditations are in a MP3 format and are available on Pamela’s Payhip store.


Goodbye Nightmares

Nightmares are the worst, especially when you awaken terrified with a rapid heartbeat and sweaty palms. Are you ready to say bye, bye to your nightmares? Then this meditation in a MP3 format is for you.

  • During this meditation I will gently guide you into the conquering your nightmare’s room. Where you will discover the reasons behind the nightmare.
  • Then, and here comes the fun part – you will kick that nightmare’s butt and take back your power!
  • You can use this fourteen minute meditation audio whenever you want to say goodbye to the nightmare.

Here’s a sample from the meditation to listen to:

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Dream Visitation from a Deceased Loved One

Whether a family member or friend, losing a loved one is tough. What’s even harder is no longer being able to communicate with them. Or wondering why other people are having dreams about their deceased loved ones and you’re not!

  • In this fourteen minute meditation in a MP3 format, I will assist you on how to request a dream visitation using several different methods. Then have you send out an invitation for your departed loved one to visit you.
  • To help you identify that your dream really is a visitation, the next part of the meditation is for you to practice what a visitation dream would be like and how it would feel. This also assists in amplifying the invitation intention and energy to draw in your deceased loved one in your dreams.
  • You may use this meditation again and again to send out invitations to your departed loved ones to visit you in a dream.

Listen to a sample of the meditation below:

This meditation is only $3.00! Click the button below to learn more or purchase: