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As you work toward reaching beyond your current limitations, your life will metamorphose in ways you can’t fathom today.

Pamela Cummins

Greetings! My name is Pamela Cummins, and I love assisting my clients and students with their personal growth, spirituality, and dream meanings. You’re in the right place if you have an open mind and a desire for one or more of the following:

• Find out what your dream means.
• Get in touch with your intuitive gifts.
• Interpret your unique symbolism.
• Understand your waking or dreaming premonitions.
• Sense visitations of deceased loved ones in dreams or while awake.
• Recognize your angels, spirit guides, totems, and other teachers.
• Learn spiritual and personal growth techniques, then implement them into your life.

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Wow, Pamela. I am floored. This is incredible. You are truly gifted.
I feel like I need weekly check-ins with you. I’m speechless.
You are one of a kind.
Thank you SO much!

Natalie S., Washington, DC

Pamela is funny and engages her students to participate. She takes breaks and makes sure to see if you have any questions. Pamela told us that everyone has their own meaning for things that they see in their dreams. If you see a snake in your dream that meaning for you is different than the meaning it has for someone else. If you really like snakes the meaning for you is a good one but if someone is scared of snakes the meaning for them will be very different. I really enjoyed her classes and I hope that she has more of them.

Lisa, PA


Bereavement and Grief Dreams

Why do we have bereavement and grief dreams? This is the topic that Sheila Balgobin and I discussed on the relationship between grieving and dreams. The below video is well worth the half hour spent. You can also watch this video on Mindset Movers TV (on Amazon, Roku, and AppleTV). I hope you enjoy it!

Where Do Synchronicities Come From

Ever wonder where synchronicities come from? But first, let’s go over what synchronicities are. Synchronicity occurs when a situation happens that isn’t random. Instead, there is meaning behind the occurrence. It’s too powerful to be a coincidence, rather it is a Godcidence. You will have a feeling or knowing something important has happened, which will …