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Pamela Cummins


Pamela Cummins is an expert dream interpreter and spiritual growth coach. She loves helping her clients and students understand their dream meanings and accelerate their personal and spiritual growth. Pamela is the author of seven books and creator of four oracle decks. Learn more about her at

Podcasts, Video, and Radio Show Interviews

Guest on the Featured Business Spotlight

James Moffat invited me back on his show after the panel and we had so much fun! You can connect with him here.

Featured Business – Panel Discussion on Dreams

Come and learn more about dreams, what they are and what they mean from our panel of me and 3 other experts in this field. An Inspiration organized by James Moffat .

Gift of Healing TV

What an honor it was to be on the live Gift of Healing TV with host Sara Jane! We talked about guidance from your dreams and how to use them to heal yourself. You can watch the replay on YouTube.

Tell Me Your Story

Richard Dugan and I discussed many topics from dream interpretation, oracle cards, relationships, psychic abilities, and more… Listen to the audio below or watch the interview on YouTube.

Facebook Live Interview

Sheila Balgobin and I discussed the fascinating topic of dream visitation from deceased loved ones!

Dead Times

When you listen to this podcast, you will discover what a gifted interviewer Katherine Lundin is! This episode is packed with lots of information and laughter. Below you will find the audio and a brief video.

Paranormal Karen

What a blast I had with Karen Rontowski! Karen is a tarot expert and well-known comedian, who has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Sirius Satellite Radio, Comics Unleashed,, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central and Mysteries of the Unexplained. Listen to the show below.

This Sacred Life

What an honor to be a guest on This Sacred Life with host, Shann Vander Leek, who is a fantastic interviewer! We talked about why many people are having weird dreams during the pandemic, dream symbols, analyzing two of her dreams, and more. The twenty six minutes just zoomed on by…

Jordan Gross of Journey to Cloud Nine

Being interviewed by Jordan Gross was so much fun, where he asked questions of my cloud nine moments! In the below video you will hear about the precognitive dream I had prior to my mother’s death. If you would like to listen to the full interview, please visit the blog post Dream Inspired a Cloud Nine Moment.

Motivation Addict with Julie Saillant

During this interview we went over the following, what are the different dream categories? Can we get answers to our problems in dreams? Does learning how to interpret our dreams help to increase our intuition? Listen to the podcast or watch the YouTube video.

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

What a great time I had on Dyan Garris’ radio show. This show is all about how dream interpretation helps you move forward on your personal and spiritual growth journey. You can listen below or on Transformation Talk Radio.

Spiritual Insights Show

I was a guest on the Spiritual Insight Show hosted by Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman. Please note the video and sound is not in sync.

The Psychic Junkie Audio Interview


What are psychic dreams? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? What is the difference between a hyper active imagination, and a real “sign” from the spiritual realms? Why do spirits appear so often in some dreams…..? (And to some people) but not in others? Are spiritual dreams symbolic, or are they literally true? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? To listen to the interview, please click the MP3.

The Daily Author Radio Show


Rich Keller talked to me about my skills, my current life, and how I took it to the next level to produce four books. Listen to the interview on the below MP3.

Paranormal Review Radio Show


As we sleep we dream of things that sometimes are clear messages and sometimes make no sense at all. What do our dreams mean? Tonight we will look at our dreams and see if we can make sense of what they mean. To listen to the interview, please click below.

Barnes and Noble Discussion and Book Signing

I did a discussion about dream interpretation and book signing for my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams at the Barnes and Noble located in Jacksonville, North Carolina on February 15, 2020.

Pamela Writes

Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine with Pamela Cummins author

Authority Magazine interviewed me about how to grow beyond your comfort zone. You can read my five top methods here

Institute of Cultural Anthropology

College Article

My article “Symbolism in Dreams” was in the 2-2022 issue of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University in Holland. Scroll down and CLICK ON the SNAKE picture to read the article

GoSolo Interviews

Pamela Cummins interview on gosolo

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by GoSolo! I explained how my business began, what I do today, and my advice to those who are self-employed. You can read the interview here

Create Write Now

Journaling Dreams for Personal Growth with Pamela Cummins

What a thrill it was to be a guest on Create Write Now sharing tips on journaling dreams, along with my personal experience. To read the article, please click “Journaling Dreams for Personal Growth.”

Intuitive and Spiritual

Meditation dream interpretation

I wrote a guest post about “Meditation for Dream Interpretation.” This article goes over meditation techniques for dream recall and interpretation.

Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger

My guest post is about “How My Dreams Manifested a Fabulous Life.”

7th Sense Stories

7 Sense Stories

I wrote articles on topics about love, relationships, psychic readings, spirituality, and other topics. Click to read the articles.

Bellesprit Magazine

I was the former columnist of two columns for six years. Click to read some of the columns.

More Radio Shows and Podcasts Interviews


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