Dream Interpretation Coaching & Spiritual Growth Coaching

Let me help you with your nighttime messages and daytime wisdom!

• Would you like to learn dream interpretation?
• Do you want to go deeper into spiritual growth techniques?
• Are you interested in working one-on-one with Pamela Cummins?

Today is the day you can take the steps to the life you always imagined!

Pamela Cummins

Coaching will help you learn how to interpret your dreams, work on your spiritual growth, or you may choose to combine both services. Everyone is at a different place in their journey, which is why this is not a cookie cutter program. Instead, I formulate it to where you’re currently at, along with some standard coaching tools, to help you reach your desired outcome. My coaching will go at your pace, needs, and goals.

Dream Interpretation Coaching

Would you like to learn how to interpret your own dreams?

I, Pamela Cummins, have been interpreting dreams since 1991 and would love to educate you on how to understand your messages of the nighttime. Here are examples of what you can choose to learn during your coaching sessions:

• How to understand your unique dream language.
• What your particular symbols truly mean (hint you won’t find this information in a dream dictionary app or book) and how to apply that meaning to the rest of the dream themes.
• Learn the different dream categories to assist in analyzing, understanding, and deepening the dream meanings.
• See the dream patterns in so-called unrelated dreams.
• Recognize whether a dream is from past events, current situations, or unresolved issues.
• Know if your dream was an actual visitation from a departed loved one or to assist in your healing process.
• Realize if your dream was a premonition of upcoming events.

How Dream Interpretation Coaching Works

Please be ready to be dedicated and take action on your goals because there are no shortcuts to learning dream interpretation. The rewards are well worth it; for you are discovering who you are and how to apply your dreams’ wisdom to benefit your entire life!

Before we can begin, it is important that you have a system to keep a record of your dreams: whether that is in a journal, computer, tablet, smart phone, or some type of audio recording we both can listen to at the same time.

Because your dreams are the key to who you truly are and will reveal parts of yourself, it could cause uncomfortable feelings to come up. You must be willing to share those things within you to me; which is a good thing, for when you bring up those inner shadow parts of you to the surface, it helps heal them, and move you forward along the path of self-growth. Since I have gone through this process, I can relate to what you are going through, and I will make sure you are in a comfortable and safe place.

Learning the secret language of your dreams is a journey that takes time, hard work, and tenacity. Which is why this is NOT an overnight process and, at the very least, you will need to commit to three sessions. Of course, you can continue the coaching sessions after those sessions.

Spiritual Growth Coaching

Spiritual Growth Coaching is for those ready to take the steps to change their lives and accelerate their personal and spiritual growth. Did you know you hold the key to have the life you always dreamed of? You have the power to do the following:

• Know thyself
• Connect with a Higher Source
• Trust your intuition
• Enhance your psychic abilities
• Contact your angels, spirit guides, and totems
• Communicate with the deceased
• And so much more

You see, your outer life is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. To have an awesome life filled with serenity, in touch with who you are, and accepting your gifts; you need to go within. Please understand that you must work on your personal growth to accelerate your spiritual growth. Personal growth and spiritual growth go hand in hand. If you desire to just be spiritual without observing, moving through, and letting go of your personal blocks/issues, then you will be stuck; in fact, that is called spiritual bypass.

When you bring your demons to the light, they go away, although it is not always easy nor apparent to observe what your own issues are. And that’s where coaching helps. Spiritual Growth Coaching assists you in working on your spirituality and personal growth at a pace that works well for you.

Your blocks and answers to remove them lie within, and spiritual growth coaching assists you to access your inner healer. There are times that other modalities will speed up the process. With your permission, I may use:

• Guided Meditation
• Energy Work and Chakra Balancing
• Past Life Regression
• Process Oriented Bodywork
• Dream Interpretation
• Messages from my guides and Angels (as they tend to butt in to pass on useful information)

Pricing for Coaching Packages

Three session packages are $600.00

Coaching Package Application

To see if we’re a fit for the coaching package. Please answer the three following questions in the contact form.

1. Why do you want to do coaching with me?
2. Your desired outcome from coaching?
3. If you took any courses before in dream interpretation or spirituality?


Thanks a million for your coaching! You presented the lesson & information so well. It was so helpful! I feel so much better.

Christine, New Jersey

Working with Pamela has fine-tuned my intuition, which will not only helped me make better decisions in life and business, but also how to better understand and support my clients.

Martina, Slovenia

Learn how to analyze dream messages with Pamela Cummins