Psychic Email Readings

These psychic email readings are to help you with your life direction and spiritual growth. My reading style tends to be therapeutic. Here are some of the things, I, Pamela Cummins, can assist you with:

• Career
• Business
• Spirituality
• Personal growth
• Difficult decisions
• Love life
• Relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and so forth
• And more

Please note, I do NOT answer questions regarding timing for a death or crimes of any type.

Repeat after me – I am worthy of happiness!

Pamela Cummins

How the Psychic Email Readings Work

My angels and guides channel information through clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), and claircognizance (knowing). I even receives song lyric messages, which is why years ago, I was nicknamed the Musical Psychic.

There are times my angels and guides will direct me to pull one or more oracle cards, tarot cards, or Lenormand cards. These cards either enhance or validate the reading. If you don’t want cards in your email reading, you must let me know beforehand.

What You Will Receive

Each of your three questions will receive a four or more paragraphs answer, depending on the information that is channeled through me. You will receive a photo of any cards I pulled for your reading. I will not sugarcoat it, although I’ll answer your questions with compassion.

Sometimes the timing of when something will happen and other information may seem vague. Why? You have choices to make and lessons to learn. Obviously, this won’t happen if you already know the answer. Hence, your free will can alter destiny.

How to Ask a Question for the Psychic Email Readings

Please be clear in your question. A vague question will bring a vague answer. Here are two examples of a vague question:

Will I ever get a job?

Instead ask:
What can I do to find a job?

When will he call?

Instead ask:
Is he right for me or is there someone else who’s better?

What Not to Do In Your Questions

Please Read and Follow to get your psychic email reading ASAP!

• Avoid long explanations with your question.
• For each question, ask ONE question. If you ask a bunch of questions instead of three questions it will delay your answer because I will need to clarify which ones you wanted answered.
• Do NOT ask for a dream interpretation as this is a different service. Instead, visit Dream Interpretation by Email.

How Long Until You Receive an Answer

If the payment and questions are received during the week, there is a turnaround time of two to three days. Payment and questions received on Friday, the weekend, or a USA holiday have a turnaround time of three to five days. Depending on the amount of readings there are in the email queue, you may receive the reading sooner. If you don’t see your email reading, please check your spam email folder.


Just an amazing reading and words I needed to hear. I love music lyrics that spirit provides. Thank you thank you!

Janet, New York

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After I receive your payment and three questions, I’ll email you ASAP when I can do your psychic email reading.

Psychic Email Readings

Answers to Your 3 Questions


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