About Pamela

In 1989, I watched a close friend’s life change from misery into joy, and thought to myself, I want that. The reason I wanted it was six months before I left an extremely unhealthy relationship, and self-medicating no longer eased my life’s pain. I soon experienced how much better my life became while walking (not talking) the path of personal and spiritual growth.

This journey was not a walk in the park. I healed deep childhood wounds, learned to transform negative thinking into positive thinking, and changed my unhealthy behaviors into a healthier lifestyle. During this time, I was learning and practicing dream interpretation that enabled my psychic gifts to re-emerge. My thirst of knowledge increased, which led me to train with many teachers, and received different certifications.

My transformation prompted me to share it with the world…

How I’m dedicated to other’s spirituality, personal growth, and dream interpretation.

• Showing people who they truly are by helping them go within.
• Providing solutions and life directions to my clients.
• Knowing my clients’ personal growth will accelerate by following their intuition and dreams’ wisdom.
• Expanding their spirituality when they explore precognitive dreams, psychic gifts, and visitations of the deceased.
• Watching my clients’ relationships improve by implementing the information from their daytime and/or dream’s messages.
• Loving how their lives have transformed from working with me.

What My Clients and Students Like About Me

Naturally therapeutic as they know they are safe to be whom they are and tell me their darkest secrets. Heck, even strangers have done this my whole life.
Gentle honesty without judgment, whether that’s interpreting their dreams, giving direction for their personal growth, and increasing their spirituality.
Positive and insightful to assist them through their obstacles…
My experience with and knowledge about dream interpretation, self-growth, and spirituality.
Encouraging them to be who they are and to continue to grow…
The patience to allow my clients and students to proceed at a pace best for them.
My love of people is why folks from around the world have done sessions with me, because of my accepting nature of who they are regardless of their race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

Who I Am Today

Pamela's office

I have many tools on my spiritual tool belt from all the training I did: expert dream interpreter, spiritual growth coach, psychic, certified Lenormand reader, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, ordained interfaith spiritualist minister, certified energy healer, and body/mind facilitator. I’ve written eight books and created four oracle decks. I’m also a blogger and have written articles for numerous online and offline publications.

Yet, despite all those titles, what’s really important is I am at peace with whom I am. I live my life according to my intuition and nighttime dream’s wisdom. I’m not perfect and I still have lessons to go through while living in Earth’s schoolroom. I plan on being on the path of personal and spiritual growth till my deathbed and beyond…

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