Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

If you search the word quotes on the internet, you will find thousands upon thousands of quotes as people just love them. These nuggets of wisdom inspire our minds to ponder. Which is why I decided to do a blog about my reflections on dream interpretation quotes, where I give feedback on some of my favorite dream quotes.

Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.

~ The Talmud

This is my all-time favorite quote as it shows the importance of our dreams of the nighttime. Sadly, many in today’s society have turned away from their intuition and think their dreams are nonsense. There’s much wisdom in our dreams; however, it’s not received in the same way as our waking language.

Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.

– Sigmund Freud

Think of your conscious mind as your finger and toe nails, while the rest of your body is your unconscious mind. Our so-called intelligent mind is very small compared to our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind encompasses our: every thought, feelings, past experiences, present circumstances, future, and so much more… that is expressed through its own language with parts of it different for each individual. Dreams help reveal our fragments of the unconscious mind.

Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day.

– Carl Jung

Before Covid-19, many people’s lives were on autopilot checking off their to-do list throughout the day. Perhaps society will now learn to slow down? The conscious mind may not store the days, months, or year’s events or feelings that occurred. However, our subconscious retains everything that plays out in our dreamtime. Why? To process our daytime lessons to help accelerate our personal and spiritual growth.

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Dreams are free therapy. Consult your inner Freud.

– Grey Livingston

This quote is what happened to me, which prompted me to work with a dream therapist back in the early nineties. Your dreams bypass your ego and denial for you to discover the truths of what’s occurring in your life, issues that need to be healed, and guidance to aid you in your choices. To me, dream interpretation can be compared to psychic readings.

Edgar Cayce's Dream Quote

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

– Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce has always fascinated me. When I pondered this Cayce’s quote it reminded me of two dream categories. Solution dreams assist us with decisions and/or the correct life path direction to take. Precognitive dreams are premonitions of upcoming events; however, some of these events are written in stone, while others are not depending upon the dreamer’s free will actions.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my reflections on dream interpretation quotes. I would love to hear your thoughts about these quotes. Need more quotes? Please visit my previous blogs on dream interpretation quotes. On my other website there’s a blog about Spiritual Growth Quotes by Women.

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Quotes Reflection on Dream Interpretation

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