Fart Dream Symbols and Meanings

The idea of doing a blog on fart dream symbols and meanings was inspired by a dream I recently had. Which I will reveal and interpret later in this post. Passing gas in a dream can have many messages depending on the dreamer’s feelings, actions, and who is in the dream. Each dreamer has their own unique history and lessons that cause numerous possible meanings for their dream analysis.

General Fart Dream Symbols and Meanings

These following nine possible fart dream meanings are for you to mull over:

  1. Ripping fun times.
  2. Finally letting go of what is no longer needed.
  3. There’s something in your life that stinks and isn’t working.
  4. You’re showing the world who you truly are.
  5. Despite the opinions of others, you have self-confidence.
  6. Health issues with your digestive system.
  7. Your bodily functions embarrass you.
  8. The body is being healed by releasing what it no longer needed.
  9. Not allowing yourself to pass gas in a dream is symbolic of holding on to something that is NOT for your highest good.

The above examples aren’t written in stone and hopefully my personal dream and possible interpretations will help you with interpreting your own fart dream.

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What’s Pamela Dreaming?

Here’s the dream I had, which prompted me to write a blog on fart dream symbols and meanings.

Pamela’s Dream

I was lying on my side in bed and my life mate was talking about how one of his younger coworkers was insecure about how he looks. Then he went on to show the moves this young man uses when they were playing basketball. The first move seemed close to a yoga move that he demonstrates while letting out a long, loud fart. Then he went into a second yoga like position as he let out another long, loud fart. I started giggling and then said, “You mean like this,” and I released a short, loud fart.

Sadly, I awaken to a Charley Horse in my right calf. Although my humorous dream made it less painful.

Interpretation of Fart Dream

Most dreams have more than one message and this dream is no exception. Here are three possible meanings:

Environment Dream

In my sleeping environment I might have been passing gas in my sleep? Since my cat, Rhiannon, hogs up the bed and often sleeps by my legs; I may have felt a desire to stretch my legs. These situations could have prompted my dream of farting and why my mate was doing movements similar to yoga poses, which was warning me of an upcoming Charley Horse.

Relationship Dreams

This dream was showcasing the quality of my love relationship. We can be ourselves while airing our shortcomings. Plus how we play and have a fun.

Solution Dreams

Another representation of the dream may be my own insecurities of being judged for becoming older, especially since I’m allowing my natural hair color to grow out. Hence the advice to go against the mainstream viewpoint on aging. It’s important for me to be myself, let go, and stretch beyond of what others think of me, and continue doing yoga.

Final Thoughts

Did my fart dream symbols and meanings stir up your thought process? Please think of the different angles for this and other dreams that you have.

You are welcome to post your fart dream in the comment section. To find out what it means and have me interpret it, please purchase an analysis. I also offer affordable dream interpretation products on my shop page. If you need help with your personal and spiritual growth, please visit my other website.

Fart Dream Symbols and Meanings

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