Request a Visitation Dream from the Deceased

A question I often hear is how to request a visitation dream from my departed mother, father, husband… Some clients wonder why other family members and/or close friends have received a visit, but they haven’t. Usually the reason is a person’s grief is so raw from a recent death or they never processed their pain from their loved one’s passing; therefore, they either block or can’t remember a visitation dream. If that is the case, allow yourself to grieve by:

  • Letting the tears flow…
  • Writing a letter to your loved one.
  • Talking to her/him when you’re alone, at their grave site, or by their urn.
  • Joining a support group.
  • Having a one-on-one session with a coach or therapist.
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How to Request a Visitation Dream

This may sound so simple; however, all you need to do is ask. How? By implementing one or more of the following seven techniques:

  1. Pray to God, Goddess, or whatever you choose to call your Higher Source.
  2. Request a visitation out loud or silently.
  3. Write a letter or type it on a device.
  4. Chant it as a mantra; for example, (name) please visit me in my dream, (name) please visit me in my dream…
  5. Meditate by visualizing and/or feeling the invitation. Do you need help with this meditation process? My $3.00 meditation mp3 audio, Dream Visitation from a Deceased Loved One, will assist you.
  6. Look at a photo or draw a picture of him/her before going to sleep.
  7. Sleep with an item of theirs. Put it under your pillow, on your nightstand, or next to your sleeping area. The item you can use is your loved one’s clothing, jewelry, a photo, or whatever feels right to you.

Be Patient and Allow

When you request a visitation dream it may not happen that night. It’s important to trust the timing, while gently asking a few more times. You could be ready, yet your deceased loved one could be busy doing heavenly business. Or if their death was traumatic, they may need to heal before visiting you.

Sometimes a departed loved one chooses to visit during the daytime by: touching your face, smelling a scent you associate with them, hearing their favorite song, items being moved, electric devices behaving unusual, or you could actually see them. A personal example of mine is my deceased parakeet, Birdy Bird, would energetically stop by so I could feel his presence during corpse pose (a form of meditation) on my yoga mat.

In Conclusion

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Request a Visitation Dream
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17 Replies to “Request a Visitation Dream from the Deceased”

  1. Some very interesting points ! Now I feel better knowing that he is still with me because some of the signs that a deceased loved one is near me have been happening..

      1. I mostly dream about my late mother who passed away 5 years ago , and also last night she came in my dreams but she was a spirit and was protecting me and our house from the other bad spirits from coming in , it was like super weird but at the same i was glad that she was there for me .

    1. When one dreams about deceased mother and that she is blind and is guided by two ppl… what does it mean

      1. Vanitha, your dream can have many meanings depending on the emotion and different dream categories. I’m not sure how you missed the bold sentence that I do NOT give meanings in the comments. I be happy to interpret your dream as soon as I receive a payment for my services.

  2. Such a beautiful article! My mother passed away 4 months ago and I’ve seen her several times in my dreams

  3. Thank you for your insight into this subject. I have been dreaming of my mother who passed away 7 years ago and I am comforted knowing her spirit is still with me.

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