Dreams of a Deceased Father

Dreaming of a deceased loved one is quite common; however, it can cause confusion on whether it was an actual visitation or just a dream. There was a time when I thought it was usually one or the other, until I experienced an intense dream that was a combination of both. You can read about my encounter in the blog Messages of Love from the Departed.  

A client granted me permission to use her recent dream for publication, although to keep the photo of her father private. Just a little background before going into the dream and interpretation; her dad has been deceased for a few decades, while her mother passed a few years ago.


My dad appeared to me in our kitchen where I grew up, my son was there, too. At first I thought my dad was my son because he was so young. He was in his white T-shirt, bathing suit, and black socks. For a minute it seemed that he was not alive when I hugged him, but then he was.

We went by this watery world where I was before and he was driving on a narrow road surrounded by water. I thought we were going to go in, didn’t, but we were okay. Next, my Dad and I were in a store, then he left to do something.

I kept trying to call him on my phone, somehow this guy next to me was controlling it. Then I told that guy to stop it and he did.

I was still trying to call my dad, when I saw him walking with his friend. My mom was in the background. He said he lost weight because he didn’t have money for lunch.

When he was gone, I was in a salon and the girls kept making comments about their customers. I told them that I knew what they were doing.


Your dream seems to be a combination of a visitation from your father and symbolism. When your dad appeared in the kitchen, he was stopping by to say hello. His appearance was similar to your photo of him in order for you to recognize him. The meeting place was the hearth of your childhood home; however, since your son was also there is your father’s way of letting you know that he is watching over both of you. And he is always alive inside of you, hence the meaning of the hug in your dream.

The water world and narrow road could be part of the visitation, yet also symbolic. Water’s main interpretations are emotions and cleaning, you can learn more about this in the blog Water Symbol Has Many Different Dream Meanings. In this part of your dream I am interpreting it as you and your dad have made peace with his passing, the road in-between each other is narrow, and he’s with you during your ordinary moments, even when you’re at the store.

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In the next scenes you are being shown that you can contact your father no matter how it seems out of your control. Your father is with his friends and your mom is there, too. The weight loss stands for him letting go of his Earthly form and needs. What the important message is that – your father and mother are always with you, as well as other loved ones.

There could be quite a few meanings for the salon scene; therefore, let’s keep it in the same context as the other scenes. This is showing you that some people may fear visitations from their departed loved ones, so instead they poke fun at the subject. You are letting them know you understand what they’re doing, while standing in your truth.

What I find beautiful about my client’s dream is the knowledge that no matter how long our mother and father journeyed to the other side – they are with us through our lifetime.

*If your mother has departed to the other side or you would like to know the four types of deceased dreams (that can be applied to dreams about your deceased father), please read the blog post Dreams of a Deceased Mother.

If you would like your departed father to visit in your dreams, please read Request a Visitation from the Deceased.

Have you ever had a dream about your deceased father, mother, or other loved one? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Deceased Father Dreams

135 Replies to “Dreams of a Deceased Father”

      1. Everyone’s time table is different when dreaming about their deceased father. Also, sometimes we don’t remember our dreams of them.

    1. I dream last night my passed away father, seeing me and my mother crying because she lost her job in my dream but in the real life my mother don’t have job she only a house keeping.

  1. Hi.. I’m not sure if I’ll hear back but, I have had many dreams about my dad.. One I know was him visiting me shortly after he passed away.. he was my best friend and we did everything together and his loss was sudden and unexpected a year and a half ago..

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your Father, yet what a gift that he visited you in a dream. Please note that I edited out your dream since it was not only very personal, but very long for the comment section. Consider purchasing a dream interpretation email or phone session.

      1. I dreamt of my dead dad. He came as a spirit watching me. I asked him in dream “what should I do? “. He answere.. you should be able to do whatever you want “. Then he went and sat ina sort of incinerator even though he was dead.

      2. Wonderful dream of how your Father is still with you and to do your heart’s desire.

  2. I’ve had 2 dreams about my father, one shortly after he passed and one last night. The one last night seemed very real, we were having a picnic (which was very common for our family) and all my family was there and here I see my dad walking over to us, with a plate full of food to join us and in the dream I said I haven’t seen you in almost 10 years (he has been gone 10 years this November) and he hugged me and I cried and I don’t remember him saying anything however I felt like he was proud of me. I have worked hard to turn my life around for the better these past 2 years and I am pregnant and I really hope his visitation in my dream means positive things. I can not shake the feeling today and have been on the verge of tears all day. ( Happy tears I think )

    1. What a beautiful dream, Michelle! Thank you for sharing it. Your dream is a great example of a real visitation, he is definitely proud of you, and letting you know he is always with you and future child even if it’s not in the physical.

  3. My father passed away 6 years ago when I was 20. Being the elder son, I never got a chance to mourn for the first few years. Over the past few months he is a part of nearly all my dreams. He is mostly quiet but happy and smiling. There is my entire family in most of my dreams and it feels like routine. In some dreams, he does interact but it is a normal argumentive discussion like a normal father and a son have. In the dream it never feels like I know he is no more.

      1. Is visitation a bad thing ? Should I be worried ? Is this to have something with ongoing decisions in my life ?

    1. I had a dream 5 years or visit after my father passed away we weren’t super close but I love him, died when I was 26 6mths after he walked me down the aisle He told me he could visit but only for 24 hours, that’s all. We laughed and ate dinner with all my brothers and sisters and woke up to such great happiness.
      He also came to hold me when I was grieving my Mom passing, about 2 weeks, holding like my Mother did when he passed. I felt so good.
      My mother came after about a month to my daughter and me on the same night.
      Now I invite her and my Dad to visit whenever they want, I miss them dearly 💔
      Have really saw my Dad since. My mother comes and we just do stuff normal like she’s still here
      They are both young and beautiful too💞

  4. My father passed almost a month ago. I dreamed about him last night for the first time. We were in our childhood home. Both he and my mother (who is still living) were sitting with me and my mother was reprimanding me about telling personal details to outsiders. I was wearing a night gown and pulling on a string that kept getting longer and longer but that I couldn’t break. My father didn’t say much. At one point, I spoke to him to answer an unspoken question and I told him that like him, I liked talking to people but that I only shared personal details with people who are very close to me. In reality, my mother has always been the social butterfly and my dad was more of a home body who didn’t like to talk much. I’m missing him so very much. He died of lung cancer a year and a half after being diagnosed. I used to take him to all his appointments. He used to apologize to me for “all the trouble”. I’ve been asking him to send me a message to let me know he’s okay.

  5. Hi Pamela,

    I dreamed of my father today and he was drinking with some of his friends and his brother-in-law at a house behind our local Bookstore. The Owner of the bookstore is one of my father’s client in my dream and he is happily drinking with them while we (My mother and sister) waited for my father to finish. Then their little get together went out of hand when my father commented something about his drinking buddies and they got angry & started to hit him , his brother-in-law hit him with a shovel and I came running to him to shield my father from the assault. I can’t stop crying in my dream because of what they have done with my father. He patted my head and told me he does not want to see me cry and that he just went to drink that day because he wants to say something to his buddies.

    Presently, I am okay and nothing much has happened to me lately. But I truly appreciated that he consoled me in my dream and visiting me once in while. I just wanted to know what is the meaning of my dream today. Thank you!

  6. I dreamed of my dad for the first time last night 3 and a half years after his death. We were very close. I was walking on a sand bar with high waves all around. I turned around and saw a man on a boat. At first I didn’t recognize him, but then realized it was my dad, looking young and handsome and happy. He had a radiance. He put his hand on his heart and then disappeared.

  7. My dad passed away about two years ago. It has been so difficult and tears come down my eyes almost everyday. I just miss him so much and when he was sick I honestly thought that he would never leave us. Last night I had a dream about him. My entire family was at a party and he was dancing and he looked so happy and full of energy just like he used to be. He always did love to be the life of the party and so of course he was. I was there but I was watching him from a distance and I was crying so much I couldn’t even breath. It’s like I knew I couldn’t touch him or hug him. I wanted so badly to do so but I couldn’t. My dad was so happy and his smile lit the room.

    1. Your dad visit you in your dream to let you know he is happy, watching over you, and wants you to be happy. Although, he is no longer in physical form – he is always with you.

  8. I dreamt about my Dad last night. I cannot remember much other than we enjoyed each other and him saying something that made me feel special. I wished I could remember all of the dream. I miss him so very much.

    1. Feelings are so important than dreams. You can always ask that he visit you again before you sleep. When it’s meant to happen he will.

  9. I dreamt of my late father walking away from our childhood home hand in hand with my mum who is still alive. They walked up the road whilst my siblings and I tried to catch up with them but somehow we couldnt. What could this dream mean

  10. Hello , my father passed away couple years ago , and I had a dream of him laughing , and I woke up happy and I felt warmth that he was just really close to me

  11. Hello, my father passed away suddenly on May 20th 2019. This evening I had a dream about my father dancing (he would usually dance in a form of a joke), in this dream he was trying to show me…that I am the only one that see him and that his face can be displayed on others. I woke up confused, but relieved that I saw my father.

    1. What a wonderful visitation of your father showing you that he is happy, thank you for sharing it.

  12. A few weeks ago my Dad came to me in my dream. I can’t remember much about it other than he came up behind me and gave me the most glorious hug ever. There were no physical arms around me and I never saw his face…but I knew it was him and it was the most intense and loving feeling that i have ever felt. I will never ever forget that dream.

  13. My dad just passed away in January i havent dreamed about him till now dose he want to tell me something or was it just a dream.

  14. I dreamt about my father last night he was taking me and my mother somwhere but we were goin to use a car. But before we got into the car i was informing him of his friends who stay near us but that friend of his also passed away. And my mother was walking slowly than and i and my father so we got to the car first than my mum.
    The dream has been disturbing me since i woke up

  15. Hello there. My dad was my everything and I was with him until his last breath. I was 20 years old and now I am 27. In my dream, my dad and I were in a hospital room and there were two nurses. My dad was in the hospital bed and had a blood pressure cuff on his right arm. He did not look healthy. The nurse looked at me and said “Its good to see you again how old are you now?” I said “I just turned 27.” She said “Good for you, you look like your doing good for yourself” I said “Thank you” I looked at my dad and he started to foam from the mouth and I said “Omg please do something quick please help” and the nurse looked at me and said “Hes fine dear hes just a little unconscious from his blood pressure.” and I said okay, and that was it. My dad did not have high BP or foaming from his mouth ever. Just odd.

  16. My brother dreamt my someone knocked on the door and he told the person to enter and it was my dad…my brother was with my sister and he was happy to see my dad and played with him….he was aware in the dream that he is dead so my brother told my dad that he has promised anytime he see him in the dream he will not allow him to go but my dad said its not possible because he is dead and he took permission to visit him….then he stood up saying he is going, my brother went outside with him to see him off, then my dad said he need money…..then my brother went inside to tell my mum that my dad need money and she said she will give my dad the money…anyway, my brother came back outside to tell my dad what my mum said and he woke up…..my dad died less than three months ago and we have had couple of dreams that he is not in pain or suffering in the afterlife but this dream my brother had scare me because my dad said he need money…..i have read its not a sign that the dead person is at peace or something…am really confused and sad now because I really cant figure this out…..

  17. My father died in January of 2013. I was living out of the country at the time and wasn’t near him or extremely close to him in life. The night after he died I had a very lucid dream which i believe to be a dream visitation. In the dream i woke up from my bed as if it was in real life. I had gotten up and walked out to the living room. (*Side Note*) A the time of the dream I had just moved into a very small upstairs one bedroom apartment in the Dominican Republic. concrete floors. nothing on the walls or windows. A completely empty house practically. (*End Side Note*) As I approached the living room the window was open, it was night time in my dream just as it was in real life. A stream of moonlight was illumination a small center square in front of the window. Sort of like a spotlight on a stage. I stepped into it, without hesitation I pulled out my small black cellphone same as the one in real life. I brought it up to my ear (although not ring happened. I believe I was acting on intuition) and i blankly and slowly said hello…… On the other end I hear my fathers voice. ” Hi my little fudge patty, I just wanted to let you know I made it home baby, I made it home. He never presented himself to me. I only heard his voice. Its been 7 long years and the “Dream” is just as vivid as it was those many years ago. It took him another 5 years to finally present himself to me in another visitation dream. I don’t know if it was because he wasn’t ready to see me, or perhaps I wasn’t ready to see him. This experience was extremely lucid and insightful. I woke up moments later after i had laid myself back down in my bed in the dream. In a cold sweat, utterly crying sweet tears. I have since had 2 separate occasions where I experience a dream visitation with him, the messages aren’t always clear. However the feelings and emotions within these visitations amount to the same emotion I would have if i were to see him in real life, in the flesh. I believe these dreams to be spiritual phenomenons.

  18. My father passed away 1.5 months back. It was sudden and natural death even he didn’t realise perhaps. I am still grieving badly. Saw him in a dream last night, with sadness in his eyes as if he was missing me too and I think I could feel a feeble touch of his hand, I was only talking but he was not responding. Then I told him in a matter of fact way if he knew he was going to pass away in a weeks time in a peaceful and beautiful death. And then he disappeared. We were in his bedroom that he used to use during my childhood.
    Just want to know if this was a real visitation. I am grieving even more since the dream.
    Is it a guilt dream that I was not able to speak to him or be around him at the time of his death?

  19. My dad passed away a little over a year ago. I have had several dreams. The first few, he never spoke, but just smiled. Once he was standing by large sheets hanging on a clothes line..just smiling. Not sure what that would mean. Another time he was at a state park our parents used to take us to. When I came up over the hill, he was in the distance. A few nights ago, he was in the doorway and I told my family that dad was here. He came in and smiled..I think he said a few things but I don’t recall what. He put his hands up to hold mine and they were very clean and smooth. We hugged tight as if I knew he was deceased, yet leaving again. My family members were in the background and all I can recall is that he seemed to be there for just me. I was very happy. My husband woke me up just as the dream was going on and I think we would have had more to talk about. Is there any logical way to ask him to return again? Sounds a little strange, but I miss him so bad. The connection we had was very, very strong.

    1. Thank you for sharing your dreams and I’m sorry for your loss. This may sound so simple, but ask your Dad to come visit you. This is especially helpful right before you fall asleep. Continue to do this until he appears in your dream.

  20. This is very interesting to me how familiar this is. I have had the same dream, but instead I ALWAYS end up at the same beach house. This last time was with one of my daughters. frequently dream of my dad who has passed. I also have seen him in my kitchen as well as driving our old family van that we no longer own. The beach is calm, empty on the shore, waves calm, sometimes sunset sometimes sunny day. My dad is always calm too .Never says anything to me. I wake up not feeling scared, but feeling as if Im supppse to know something.

  21. Hello Pamela,
    My dad past almost 10 years ago, and I’m often dreaming that he’s alive but in my dreams I know he’s past and I look at him and I ask him and everyone around which is usually family, aren’t you dead and he’ll node his head no, and he’ll extend his arms for a hug, in my dream I always run to give him a hug but I can never get to his arms because I wake up. This causes me so much sadness when I wake up.

  22. I didn’t dream of my father I was mowing and I look up as I was coming around the tree 🌲 and I saw him walking in the yard with his blue coat on and that cap 🧢 that he’s always wearer it was cold 🥶 today and when he saw me he shever like he alway did then he was gone what does that mean Kathy Trent

    1. Thank you for sharing your dream, Kathy. Please note that I don’t do dream analysis in the comments. I do have books, online courses, and services (on the website menu) that will help you to understand your dream meanings for this and all your dreams.

  23. I had a dream after a year of my father passing . And thisPandemic. He finally came to me in a phone store but we where there talking about getting insurance on my car but instead he said how much it be for me n him the lady said 180 he said that’s because that’s my girl so after we when ahead and got the insurance we came outside and the lady was standing there and I came out and said I been trying to get my dad a wife he laugh and said she always trying to hook me up and then it was over I can’t understand what was the dream about but I was so glad to see him .

  24. My dad passed a year ago and I usually have dreams right away of my loved ones. Each one is different. Out of everyone, my dad was the most important in my life. When I dream of him it is of the side of his face. He never speaks to me. I want him to come talk to me but he never does. My mom, when she visited came to me in a black room with crystal rocks in the center of the room with strong colored lights shooting through the prisims. Her voice was strong and Her body was not there. But she was mad because I guess she didnt realize I had so much resentment of her. She kept talking and her voice got weaker and weaker to the point I couldnt hear her anymore. I was mesmerized by the light and the pulsing to her voice. Mom passed first and after that dream and when my dad died I found a crystal in a antique shop and placed it under the grass right above my dads grave. I wanted him to come see me. I have always felt things that others dont. Intuitive I guess.

  25. Hi.

    I dreamed about my father who passed away when I was like 6 years old. He passed away 40 years ago. I have never dreamed of him until that night a few weeks back. He was in a coffin. That was my last memory of him. But he cam back alive and told us that he was going home to his parent’s house. What does that mean?

  26. Hi Pamela and everyone,
    my condolences to all who are missing loved ones.
    Two weeks before my Father unexpectedly passed away, I had dreams about his death on two separate occasions. In both dreams, I was presented with the scenes that actually took place just after my Father’s death; one in the mortuary and another during his funeral. At the time, I pushed these unpleasant dreams to the back of my mind and put them down to anxiety or upset stomach. I wish I had not ignored them because I didn’t get to say goodbye to my Father. This week, (just realised, it was exactly 18 months to the day after his death), I dreamed that my Father visited me, just a blank background and he simply stood, looking at me. He didn’t say a word. His facial expression was neutral. I asked him to speak but he just continued standing and looking. He looked in better health than just before he passed away. Don’t really know what to make of it all.
    Best wishes to everyone.

  27. Hi, I have no idea why I dreamt of my deceased father in-law trying to rape me while I was laying naked in bed along side my husband. It was really weird cos he is the first deceased person to appear in one of my dreams. In the dream he was also naked plus walking around with what appeared to be a small child attached to his penis. Please interpret my dream if possible

  28. Hi usually i dreamed my Deceased Mother not my father
    But last night i dreamed my deceased Father he is happy his hair is trim with pomade that he usually do
    He looks young and happy he’s smiling at me.
    And he wants to show me something its like a letter or a documents,

  29. I dream’t my deceased father hes old when he passed away.but in my dream he looks young handsome and his hair is nice with a pomade thar he usually do.
    He wants to show me something it kind’s of a document or letter i dont know! it strange because i always dream my deceased Mom not my Father..thank you in adv.
    Hope to have a reply from you soon!!

  30. Last night I had a dream that I was setting the dinner table in my childhood home (only two place settings however I had 3 siblings when I was a child) and it didn’t seem like dinner time but I was still setting the table. If I recall correctly, I was in my dream as I am in current day. I saw a man in the kitchen and i anticipated it being my dad but it turned out to be my older bother, who then sat at the table to eat. Then, I turned to look in the kitchen and saw my dad standing there; my dad passed away when I was 12 years old (I’m 35 now). I was surprised to see him and had not had a dream with him in it in a veeeery long time. I only remember a few dreams that my dad was in since he has passed. My dad looked very skinny and not very healthy. He looked at me and I could tell he didn’t recognize me. I started to cry and asked how could he not remember me. I fell to my knees in the kitchen and he came and kneeled in front of me and wrapped his arms around me and said, “it’s okay.” I woke up feeling an emptiness along with the pain I felt when I was grieving the loss of my father as a child. I felt like I was crying in real life when I woke up and I have been thinking about this all day. Today is also Father’s Day. I’m not sure what to make of it, but even as I typed this, it makes me very emotional. I feel a bit devastated seeing my dad and him looking frail and him not remembering me. I miss him and think of him often.

  31. My dad passed on 20 yrs ago he was a policeman. I had a dream about him last night and he was a soldier just like me. He had lost weight and a Sgt who repairs communication gadgets used in the army.

  32. Hi, my father recently passed away. And I had a dream that we were going to cross the street but it was raining so hard. He ran so fast like if he was a teenager and just laughed and smile with me.

  33. Earth bless you for helping people with their dreams interpretation…. I pray you help me with mine… My death father appeared in my dream, heat was all over his body and I asked him what is the problem, he started complaining that he body is on fire. He was straching his whole as if his body is on fire but I couldn’t see the fire on him. I only so heat and suddenly I notice he has no eyes again. Please what does this mean?

    1. Interesting dream that can have more than one meaning. Thank you for your kind words, I do my best to help the general public with informative blogs and have a free gift package. However, as stated in this blog – I don’t interpret dreams for free in the comments. I’m doing a special on Tuesday for a reduced price (ends 9/31/2020), click https://learndreaminterpretation.com/2020/07/20/special-tuesdays/ Or purchase my meditation on deceased loved ones for only $3.00 to help you get the answers, learn more at https://learndreaminterpretation.com/meditations/

  34. That’s a beautiful dream. Makes me cry out of joy and sadness because my father passed away on Valentine’s day of 2018 and in my dreams, he’s right there. I got an 8 year old son and I know my father’s there watching over but a lot of times, I wake up in tears because I know he’s not here.

    1. I am sorry for the loss of your father, Jerry. Even though our deceased loved ones are always with us, it’s still normal to feel sad that they’re on longer in the physical plane to hug or call on the phone.

  35. Hi, my father died 14 years ago. We did not have a good relationship, soo two years after his death I dreamt of him giving me a gift. The gift was wrapped with a green gift wrapper and ribbon, I refused to take the gift and he was some kind of dissappointed, untill today I haven’t dreamed of him it haunts me. it haunts me because he was trying to reconcile and I refused

  36. Ooh yes I agree, I wasn’t ready. I am ready now and have forgiven him. I even pray about it everynight before I go to bed.

  37. My husband passed away six years ago when my two daughters were 22 and 14. My 22 year old every now and then has a bad dream about her dad coming to her. This last one was him with a feeding tube and a chest tube telling her that he is going to die and be ready. She’s wondering why this would be happening when it’s been six years. She was really hoping to have some good dreams about him because these bad dreams just ruin her whole day

    1. Debbie, I’m just getting to your comment because I was on vacation. There is no time in our dreams, which is why the dream language mixes past, present, and future while we are dreaming. Dreams don’t happen randomly and are always sending a message to us. This dream could be using her father symbolically. Or she hasn’t processed his passing fully.

  38. My father died in February, and I ask him occasionally to visit me in my dreams and wake me before he leaves so I remember it. Whenever I ask, he always does. It feels so real and leaves me with a feeling of contentment the whole next day. It satisfies my yearning for him, even if just for a little while. I keep a dream diary of the memorable ones. I feel like it must be visitation. It always means something to me.

  39. My father died last march 2020 and this is the first time that i dream about my dad. He was kissing me on my right cheeks and i told him i have to go and get my daughter then he started to cry and told me not to leave and i also started to cry in my dream then i woke up and i am crying non stop about that dream but i know that is my dad he misses me so much…

  40. My Father Passed Away October 11th 2010. About 4 Years Later I Learned I Was Pregnant My Due Date Was October 15th 2015 (Yes I Had A Son) A Few Days Before I Was Due I Was Talking To My Dad Before I Fell Asleep, Asking To Talk To Him One Last Time, To Tell Him Sorry For Everything, Really Just Wanted A Hug. That Night I Had A Faint Dream Of Him & He Told Me He Came To See Me & To Come Here, His Exact Words Were “Everything Going To Be Okay” & I Woke Up 🙁 My Water Broke A Couple Days Later On October 11th 2015, I Had My Son October 12th @ 5:44am … Was This My Dad Telling Me He’s Coming Back But As My Son? Lately It’s Been Heavy On My Mind. My Son Is LITERALLY A Spitting Image Of My Dad 🤦🏻‍♀️😏

  41. I don’t know if it was a dream or not because it felt real. But I sitting in my living room on my laptop doing some work and I looked up and I seen my deceased father sitting on the couch looking at me. So I rubbed my eyes because I was thinking that my eyes were fooling me and I looked up and he was still there but this time he laughed at me. Then my father said “I’m here” then I said “What do you mean you’re here?” then my father said “I’m here and I’m okay” then I asked “Dad you have been gone for 10 years” then he said “I know, but I will always be here.” Then I woke up.

    So could it mean that my father is okay? Or could this be that he’s trying to get a message through me?

  42. My father died on January 9 and that night I had a dream that I was seriously sick and I was rushed to the same hospital where my dad died and I saw him in the front seat of the car but he was still dead in the dream

  43. I have had reoccurring dreams as a teen and child. My deceased father has visited me 3 times since passing and several times to my dtr the first time being hours after he died. She knew before I told her

  44. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some clarity on a dream. My father passed away 12 years ago this year but every year on his anniversary of his death and a few days after he passed away I have had the same dream where he come to my window and knocks on and tells me to come with him but he doesn’t look like my father but sounds like him so I wondering if someone could help me understand what that means. Thank you

  45. I always dream about my deceased dather whom I love vwey much. In my dreams I knew he was dead ans I told him I am glad theat he visited. The other dream we were on a paradise and he told me about heaven and hell and that it’s real. The other dream he visited me and he said he miss me. I huhhed him tight bu he told me that he was only allowed to stay for 24 hourd and then he will go back to heaven. It seems real sometimes but I know that it is just a dream.

    1. It’s seems like you’re having actual visitations from your father; however, it can’t be scientifically proven. As long as it brings you peace that’s what counts, Precious Mae.

  46. Hi, my father passed away 2 months ago due to a sudden heart attack. I dreamt of him 3x since then and in my dreams it seems like he always has this concerned look on his face. Last night, we were inside an unfamiliar room with my mom. I think I was visiting them but it was not their house. Then I suddenly felt that I had palpitations and my blood pressure was elevated and he was worried so he wanted to take me to the hospital. My mom was on the background trying to call the doctors office. I told him I’m ok and will just ask my friend to take me so he doesn’t need to drive. Next scene wash we’re inside a church attending a wedding and I got there just in time. I saw him in the back part of the church sitting with other guests that I don’t know. Then he stood up without looking at me, it’s like he’s going to sit somewhere in the middle of the church. So I followed him and for some weird reason while I was walking behind him, I noticed his suit appears that it needs to be pulled down from the back. I was about to fix it but my dream ended. I forgot the exact details of my 2 previous dreams but 1 thing that I know for sure is that the commonality of the 3 dreams is that hes always watching me and has this concerned look. I know he’s ok but I feel like he’s worried about me for some reason. Hope you could help me understand. Thank you in advance!


  47. Hi, I dreamt about my dead father last night. He was mad at me because I left our house. He searched for me and when he found me, he smilingly said to me ” let’s go home “. I reached for him and give me a ride while saying something that I can’t understand. In our waking life, he’s already dead and I’m living with my partner now while my mother and my daughter is in our province. Can u explain that to me?

    1. Interesting dream, Kasandra. I would be happy to explain/interpret your dream; however, I would need to receive a payment first. As state in the BOLD sentences this is a paid service for my time and expertise.

  48. Hi Pamela,
    I hope you can help me interrupt a dream I had the other night about my Dad who passed away almost 2 years ago. I saw him in a room, …(an additional 233 words) Any insight you could provide to me would be so appreciated. I loved my Dad and we were very close. thank you

    1. Tina, an interesting and complicated dream that I would be happy to interpret and give insight on your dream AFTER I receive your payment for a dream interpretation by email. This isn’t the first time someone thinks they’re entitled to a free interpretation – LOL Honestly, I am truly baffled how anyone could miss the bold paragraph that interpreting dreams is a paid service?

  49. Good day Pamela, i had a dream of my later father last night, i seen him was very strange but he went knocking on my mother sister door that is also late. which was strange for me any idea what the meaning please.

  50. My dream was a little strange I have had a lot of them , my father killed himself in 2014 and it was hard for me I always had nightmares but recently I had a dream I am not sure where we are in my dream but I’m with my father and he’s alive and he went away for a while but I can’t talk to him I know he’s alive and I can see when he walks in from work but can’t talk to him … another one I have recently is I can talk to him he basically said it was a joke ? He was on a mountain I think and he was hugging me and that’s all I remember I really want to know why I miss him so much .. 🙁

    1. No matter how our relationships with our fathers were and the circumstances of their death – the grief and missing them never fully goes away. It’s important to work through the grief and issues we had with our fathers to have more freedom in our lives.

  51. I keep dreaming that my deceased father did not die, but left to be with another woman. In the dream he does not seem to have any feelings for his family at all. My Mom keeps having a similar dream. I think self consciously we feel he betrayed us by leaving.

  52. Hi. My dad passed 2 years ago. It was very hard losing him but I felt him after death near me for about a week. I’m clairsentient and clairaudient.

    About a month or 2 back I dreamt of him and he was smiling and he looked like he was before he got sick and he was with my granddad..his dad.. It lasted fleetingly but both smiled at me and I felt the sense of that he was proud when smiling.

    Was this a visitation dream?

    I miss him a lot

  53. Last night I dreamt I went to visit the country town my dad lived in and loved, before he passed. I dreamt he was there walking towards me in a lake with running water that was ankle deep. He looked so happy and healthy, and without the ailments that he passed away with. I felt so happy in my dream.

  54. Hello! I had a dream about my dad. I was on my way to work on the train and all of sudden my dad sat right by me and said pumpkin you need to get off this train and run . I asked him why in my dream and he said people that know Erick (my fiancé) are going to try to kid nap me and kill me. So I ran off train and then was running home and my dad yelled I’ll go tell Erick at his job . So my dad made it to Erick job. My dad then said “Erick if you love my daughter you will get off work and go home. Then my dad started crying and said promise me you will always love her protect her and keep her safe from harm . And my dad told him if you can do that I give you my blessing to marry her.

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