Event for Dreams of the Deceased

Many people find dream interpretation fascinating; however, dreams of the deceased are what my clients and readers of my blog are most intrigued about. It’s amazing the amount of people who visit daily to read my three blogs – Dreams of a Deceased Father, Dreams of a Deceased Mother, and Dreaming of a Deceased Pets. Which is why I decided to do a free virtual event during this time when many of us have to stay indoors. This event is over; however, you can watch a portion of it when you click 3 Types of Deceased Dreams.

Details on the Event for Dreams of the Deceased

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 6 PM Eastern on Zoom
These Five Points Are What I Will Cover:

  1. Three different types of deceased dreams.
  2. How to recognize if it’s an actual visitation.
  3. Why they visit us in our dreams.
  4. Techniques to request your deceased loved ones to visit you in a dream.
  5. Signs that your departed loved ones are visiting you during the daytime.

To attend the event, please use the Signup below.


Who Your Teacher Is

pamela cummins author

Hi, I’m Pamela Cummins and I am an expert dream interpreter who loves analyzing my clients’ dreams and teaching them how to interpret their own dreams. My goal is to show my clients how to take the wisdom of their dreams’ messages to enhance their life and accelerate their personal and spiritual growth. I am also an author, blogger, psychic, and sought out guest for podcasts and radio shows. You’re invited to learn more about me on my about and media pages.

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