When a Dream Interpretation is Accurate

A potential client wanted to know how an interpretation is factual, once I showed him this, then he would allow me to apply it to his dream. My response was, “I can’t scientifically prove it, yet my clients will know when a dream interpretation is accurate.” Are you curious how to know when an analysis is right? Then keep reading…

An expert dream interpreter will have: many years of experience, understand how one symbol can have many different meanings, what dream categories it’s in, why different feelings impact the dream’s message, how the past, present, and future effects a dream. Plus the ability to be able to put all these pieces of the dream together for an analysis. In my case, having psychic abilities is a benefit.

Yet, expert interpreters are not you! They aren’t in your skin, nor do they know about your upbringing, life experiences, relationships, and present life circumstances. Therefore, you have the best ability to know if the analysis is correct as long as you keep an open mind, while not allowing denial to block the interpretation.

Six Ways a Dream Interpretation is Accurate

  1. There’s an inner ding that goes off inside of you that this analysis feels right. An analogy to compare this to is when searching for a place to live, you will know which one is wrong, and the right one for you to live in.
  2. It fits into what is happening within your life right now.
  3. The interpretation assists you in solving a problem.
  4. This relates to other dreams you have been having.
  5. Your analysis ties in with to events that happened in the past.
  6. Lastly, time often proves that the interpretation is correct as certain events occur or your denial has dissipated.

Often a dream has one or more possible interpretations. This is why I prefer to give my clients a couple of different interpretations to allow them to decide which one fits into their lives. Sometimes, all of the interpretations are correct. Who said, deciphering the secret language of dreams was easy.

Uses of An Accurate Dream Interpretation

Okay, so what’s the point of comprehending your dreams’ true meanings? This is the major reason I love interpreting my clients dreams is to use its wise information: to conquer issues, make better choices, accelerate their personal and spiritual growth, and to have more joyful lives!

Need help understanding your dream meanings? Check out my dream interpretation services to discover the right one for you.

Six Ways to Know if a Dream Interpretation is Accurate

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