Dream Meanings for Gray Hair

Are you wondering what the dream meanings for gray hair are? Read on to find common gray hair symbolism and sample interpretations. If you read my other blogs, then you may be tired of me reminding you that any symbol can have thousands of messages depending upon the actions, feelings, and other symbols in the dream. And the dreamer’s past, present, future, and life lessons. This post is to help flex your interpretation muscle.

Common Dream Meanings for Gray Hair

Below, you will find ten meanings. Perhaps one of them will right for your dream?

  1. Wise person
  2. Established in life
  3. Fear of aging
  4. Time to grow up
  5. Lesson to learn
  6. Life experiences
  7. Expert help
  8. Next stage in life
  9. Symbol for elders
  10. Ditch the hair dye

Examples of Feelings in Dream

Your feelings in a dream affect the interpretation. Let’s use the following dream example:

You’re looking in a mirror, admiring how great an outfit looks on your body. Then you see something in your hair. When you get closer to the mirror, you feel ______ to discover a couple of gray hairs.

Interpretations Using Different Feelings

Now, let’s fill in the blank:

  • Fear could may mean that you’re afraid of getting older.
  • Joy can mean that you are looking forward to the next chapter of your life.
  • Sadness might be a message that you miss your mom, who had gray hair upon her death.
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More Dream Meanings for Gray Hair

Let’s use another dream example:

There are five men and women with gray hair on a stage. You are in the audience.

This simple dream will have different meanings depending on who dreamed it.

  1. A young man has been ignoring and disrespecting his elders. It’s time to listen, respect, and learn from them.
  2. An engaged woman, in her early 30s, primary focus in the dream is on a couple who are holding hands on the stage. She is hopeful this is a sign of growing older with her fiancée.
  3. Jim feels this a solution dream because he has been feeling stuck in his job. He takes it as a sign to get more education.
  4. Sheila is sure this is a precognitive dream of her being accepted on a team of speakers.
  5. Tanya focus was on the women with gray hair. How beautiful they look with their natural color hair. She wonders if it’s time to ditch the hair dye.
  6. An elderly man has a knowing that this is a deceased visitation dream because he knows the five dead people. One of them is his wife who passed a month ago. His dream is letting him know she is okay.

One dream with six different meanings. Imagine how many interpretations there can be. Can you understand why I always mention that a symbol can have many meanings?

Final Thoughts on Dream Meanings for Gray Hair

Gray hair and other hair dreams are very powerful. Why? Because hair is symbolic of our personal power, just like Samson in the bible. It was a dream that helped me ditch the dye and go gray. I recently wrote a book about what I learned from on this journey.

For more hair dreams, check out Dream Meanings for Hair and My Book from Hair Dreams.

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Gray Hair Dream Meanings

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