My Book from Hair Dreams

No, my book from hair dreams didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it took time to happen. Our dreams of the nighttime often give guidance steps for us to take in life. It’s up to us to do the action steps.

Back in May 2020, I had a precognitive dream about my hair and a couple of hairstylists, which prompted me to stop dyeing my hair. This hair dream inspired me to write the blog, Hair Dream Meanings. That began many life changing experiences while transitioning to my natural hair color.

My Book from Hair Dreams Continues

A couple of months ago, I received information when I wasn’t fully awake. You can learn more about the in-between state of being awake and asleep on this blog. The guidance was to put aside the book I had been writing about spiritual dreams, instead focus on a book about transitioning from hair dye.

This surprised me, yet once I began, the words flowed quickly. It took me a week to write the rough draft!

Then I had two dreams while the book was being edited by my editors and I was deciding upon which cover to use. Both dreams were about how popular this eBook would become. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about my book becoming popular, instead I felt an urge to complete it. Time will tell whether the dreams were precognitive or my subconscious desire.

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Following Dreams’ Guidance

Dream interpretation is so important to discover your dreams’ guidance and wisdom. It’s actually similar to listening to your intuition. How many times have you ignored your intuition and regretted it later? The same is true of dreams’ messages.

If I had disregarded my dreams, intuition, and the in-between state wisdom, I would not have grown in my life. Plus, I would have missed out on saving time and money, having healthier hair, meeting new people, learning how to take care of my curly hair, and writing a new book.

This Curly Woman Went Gray

The title of my eBook is This Curly Woman Went Gray. I was having a tough time figuring out a title and the love of my life blurted out, “This curly girl went gray,” while he was driving the car. Hmm, not bad, I thought and wrote myself an email to remember it. Obviously I took his suggestion, yet changed it to curly woman. Why? Because Curly Girl is a well-known term from Lorraine Massey books and could be trademarked. That happened to a friend of mine and she had to change the title of her book and website to avoid a lawsuit. What a nightmare she went through! Besides, I’m approaching the BIG 60 and not a girl.

Here’s the blurb from the eBook:

A dream about her dead hairstylist inspired Pamela to stop dyeing her hair. She discovered growing out her silvers is NOT an easy path, yet filled with many powerful lessons. Pamela shares what she learned to ease your journey, whether you’re thinking about starting or already transitioning to gray hair.

In This Curly Woman Went Gray, you will learn three methods to choose from to return to your natural hair color. There are tips to help you go through the awkward beginning stages. They include how to recognize the four types of unsolicited advice and what actions to take with these polite hair trolls. During this voyage, you may need to look at your hair story and use the steps provided to heal any hair trauma.

There’s also a chapter about how to take care of your curly hair. Whatever texture your hair is, this eBook is for you.

Where to Find the Book

You can find This Curly Woman Went Gray here

I wish you many sweet dreams that brings wisdom and guidance for your life.

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