Dreaming of Being Chased

It can terrify you when you’re dreaming of being chased. Whether that’s by an animal or a person with a knife or gun. Most people focus on who is chasing them, which is important. Yet it’s vital to know why you’re running away.

Interpretation of Dreaming of Being Chased

There are generic dream meanings of being chased in a dream dictionary. Keep in mind any symbols or actions in a dream can have endless messages depending upon the dreamer’s unique dream language, upbringing, relationships, present issues, and more.

Here are ten interpretations for dreaming of being chased:

  1. Someone wants to or is hurting you.
  2. You need space from someone.
  3. You aren’t feeling safe in life.
  4. You’re not dealing with something in your life.
  5. You have to stop running away from past issues.
  6. A person in your life isn’t respecting your boundaries.
  7. Your dream is a past life dream.
  8. You’re afraid of becoming involved and committed in a relationship.
  9. An animal chasing you means to acknowledge or heal this animal’s characteristics and traits within you.
  10. You are having a precognitive dream warning you to take precautions with a person/situation before it harms you.

Again, none of those meanings are written in stone.

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How to Interpret Your Being Chased Dream

Now, compare the ten generic meanings to your dream. If none of them fits, then it’s time to dig deeper into your dream.

Go Within and Reflect

You may want to take your dream journal with you to record the answers. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow yourself five to thirty minutes to reflect on one or more of these six questions:

  1. Who does the person symbolize in your life?
  2. What does the animal mean to you and could it be characteristics of you?
  3. Who or what could the monster or unknown thing be?
  4. What problems or issues are occurring in your life?
  5. When and where did this happen if it’s a past event in your dream?
  6. What actions can you take today?

Allow yourself not to think hard about the answers, while accepting whatever comes up. Sometimes you won’t receive any answers, which is okay. The answers may occur when you least expect it; for example, taking a shower or in another dream.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

When I moved to North Carolina, my dreaming of being chased turned into recurring dreams. Here’s the dream theme:

I was running away from evil people who were trying to kill me and the group of people I was with. We would hide in a river, house, and other places while the people search for us. It was scary!

Two Meanings

  1. A past life where this actually occurred.
  2. I wasn’t feeling accepted for who I was and felt threatened by those who thought differently than me.

My Reflection

This could have been a past life dream where I was harmed or killed with a group of people.

Although it fit better in this lifetime, as these dreams were symbolic of me being a Northerner who was now living in the South. My woo-woo thinking and lifestyle didn’t fit with the Bible Belt’s way of life.

These recurring dreams were showing me to find people who I could connect with and to be myself. However, I needed to not reveal certain aspects of myself to those who weren’t safe or accepting of who I was to avoid being hurt.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand your chasing dream and won’t become recurring. If you still don’t understand why you were dreaming of being chased, then visit my dream interpretation by email page. Or check out my shop page for books and other products.

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