Dreams and Signs of a Tiger-Striped Kitten

I would like to share my story of dreams and signs of a tiger-striped kitten. You can use my experience as an example of why it’s important to pay attention to the insights you’re receiving. Our dreams give us information, and we get signs during the day. Then we need to use our intuition and logic for how to use these messages in our lives.

Pamela’s Dreams and Signs of a Tiger-Striped Kitten

I had two dreams of an orange-striped kitten. I don’t remember many details of one, although the second one stands out in my mind.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

An orange striped kitten was walking around all these long-legged people. I felt concerned the kitten would get hurt in the crowd, so I picked it up.


When my cat, Merlin, died, I didn’t have a desire to adopt another cat, and thought Rhiannon would be my only cat. Until I got the three following signs:

  1. I had an intuitive feeling in April 2022 that I would get a cat in June.
  2. My sister insisted I take a cat toy even when I mentioned that Rhiannon rarely plays with toys.
  3. An article about bringing a kitten into a home with a senior cat popped up while scrolling the internet, which I felt inspired to read.
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Outcome of Dreams and Signs of a Tiger-Striped Kitten

A friend of mine posted a Facebook picture of a gray tiger-striped kitten her employee found. There was something about this kitten that called to me, even though I usually am attracted to cats with solid color fur. I left a comment letting her know I would ask my mate, while thinking the name Thor might work for this kitten. Yay, he said yes to another cat in our home.

I spoke to the foster mom to set up a time to meet the kitten and figure out a time to set up a vet appointment before bringing the kitten to my home. FYI, it’s important to have a kitten or puppy checked out by a vet first to make sure it doesn’t have any diseases that can spread to your other pets. The foster mom told me the kitten was probably dropped off on her street because it walked right up to her and was such a love bug. While the feral cats and kittens around her house would run away from her. Plus, it wasn’t the first time someone dropped off pets on her street. What is wrong with people?

After hanging up my phone, my angels whispered, “Tiger.” What a purrfect name! And I quickly dropped the idea of using Thor for the kitten’s name.

Tiger and Mommy
Meeting Tiger at the Foster Mom’s House

Interpretation of My Dream

The people with long legs in the dream are symbolic for the person who didn’t care about Tiger’s welfare, his foster mom, and me, his forever mom. Even though Tiger isn’t orange-striped, he has a lot of gold on his belly. And like the color orange, he has lots of energy.

More Signs

Here are four more cool signs regarding my kitten, Tiger:

  1. I was born in the Year of the Tiger.
  2. We’re currently in the Year of the Tiger.
  3. Tiger’s vet appointment and when I brought him home was on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2022.
  4. His favorite toy is the one my sister gave me in early June.

It was meant to be to have Tiger in my life! However, Rhiannon is not too thrilled about having a hyper kitten who wants to play with her – growl, hiss. May they become friends in time or at least tolerate each other.

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Tiger turns on bathroom sink
Tiger Turned on Hot Water!

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