Your Day Can Affect Dreams

Are you wondering how your day can affect dreams? Dreams are similar to computers, where they process information, give insights, and solve problems. But daily living doesn’t affect computers like humans. Therefore, if you had a bad day, you could have nightmares. When you have a good day, your dreams might be pleasant.

How Your Day Can Affect Dreams

First, I would like to point out that this type of dream fits into the environment dream category. A busy day leaves little time to process someone’s words/actions or other situations. Feelings that are unacknowledged or unsolved issues will appear in dreams.

Types of Events

The following eleven events can affect dreams:

  1. Someone criticizing you
  2. A fight with your partner
  3. Anger at a person
  4. Traffic jam
  5. A meal
  6. Bad news
  7. Health issue
  8. A song
  9. Work Issue
  10. Losing something
  11. Thief stealing from you

These are just a sample of events and there are many more…

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Three Examples of How Your Day Can Affect Dreams

Here are dream examples with interpretations:

Food Dream

A man is walking through a haunted house when Frankenstein throws a plate of pasta at him. Then different types of monsters are throwing tomato sauce and spaghetti at him. It enraged him that this was happening.

This man was reading an email from his Italian realtor during lunch. He couldn’t believe the horrible apartments she had sent him, and had the thought Frankenstein wouldn’t even live there. Because he was at work, he suppressed his feelings of anger.

Work Dream

A woman is trying to find her way out of a maze to get to work on time. No matter which direction she takes, it’s a dead end. When she asks someone for direction, he points his finger away from her office building. She’s feeling scared.

During the day, this woman had a realization her job was getting her nowhere and didn’t have room for growth. Instead of thinking about finding a job, she convinced herself to stay in her ten-year position with this company. She denied her feelings of being afraid about a job change.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

I was at a small jewelry shop filled with gold jewelry and other types, which weren’t my style. There was no way I was going to buy anything. The saleslady saw me looking at rings and told me she would get more for me to look at so I could buy one. Instead of speaking up and telling her I wasn’t interested, I kept quiet. While she was gone, I saw a jewelry display that was more to my taste by a different seller.

That day I receive too many emails and LinkedIn messages from people trying to sell me a product or service. Lately, I’ve stopped replying, “No thank you, and take me off your list.” What I have been doing is marking them as spam or blacklisting the email and deleting it. For LinkedIn, I don’t respond.

This dream was a message to speak out in some situations, yet to continue to stay quiet in other circumstances. It also reinforces to buy from those who aren’t pushy. And to continue my gentle marketing approach..

Last Thoughts

These three dreams show how your day can affect dreams. The key is to take action with these types of dreams. Let someone know your thoughts and acknowledge your feelings. Or express your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Once you interpreted and processed the dream, use the valuable information in your life.

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