What to Do After You Interpret Your Dreams

So you want to know what a dream means, but have you thought about what to do after you interpret your dreams? This reminds me of someone who wants to write a book, reads all the how-to books, attends seminars, and has a coach. Yet, this person never sits down to write and apply all the information they learned. After doing a dream interpretation and understanding the dream’s wisdom – it’s time to apply it to your life.

Occasionally, a dream’s message is crystal clear. Sometimes it will take more than one dream for you to get the messages, which is why recurring themes and dreams occur. A dream journal is useful to reflect on your dreams to dig into deeper meanings. It also exercises your interpretation muscle.

What to Do After You Interpret Your Dreams

One dream can have many meanings and you need to be open to several interpretations. However, your gut often knows whether it’s one message or aspects of all the different interpretations. Before taking action on the wisdom of your dream, it’s time to ponder on how this relates to your life. Use one or more of the following six reflections:

  1. Does the dream relate to a current problem?
  2. Is the dream pointing out something you have been denying?
  3. Could this dream be about your past that hasn’t been resolved yet?
  4. Are there any solutions in the dream that can help you?
  5. Does this dream have clues regarding your future?
  6. Is the dream helping your personal and spiritual growth?

Once you have a clearer understanding of where the dream’s message fits into your life, then you can take the steps to use and apply the helpful information.

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Two Examples of What to Do After You Interpret Your Dreams

I’ll use two dream examples to help you apply your dream’s information. Or to clear up any misunderstandings of what I am referring to.

Dream One

Your right foot hurts while walking and you need a cane to walk better.

Let’s apply the first three questions to this dream.

  • Current Problems – if your right foot has been bothering you, then it’s time to make an appointment with a podiatrist. If you don’t go to the foot doctor, there could be worse problems in the future.
  • Denial – the dream is showing you the truth about your love relationship that you have been denying. You think your lover isn’t important, but if you walked away, it would hurt. And you really need them to enhance your life. Tell him/her how important they are to you and show it through your actions.
  • Unresolved Past – your childhood wasn’t stable because you grew up in an orphanage and were in many foster homes. Now it’s time to get some help and find a support system to help you move into the future.

Dream Two

You realize that the outfit you’re wearing isn’t appropriate for your job and have some time to buy what you want from a mall within walking distance. When you’re inside the mall, none of the stores appeals to you, but everyone else has shopping bags and seems satisfied. Then you realize that you’re going to have to wear what you’re wearing or you’ll be late to work.

Now, I’ll use the last three questions for this dream.

  • Solutions for the Dreamer – it’s important for you to be satisfied with who you are and not to be someone else to satisfy other people’s viewpoint of what’s appropriate. Be yourself!
  • Future Clues – you will no longer fit in with your current job. It will take time to find work that will fulfill you and don’t take a job of what others think is right for you. Perhaps, self-employment is the way to go. Yet it’s not time to quit your job.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth – you are in the process of outgrowing your current self. There’s a part of you that wants instant growth of yourself and spirituality. But you need to accept yourself where you’re at, work on yourself, and know that you have time to grow and transform.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to do after you interpret your dreams, I hope you will take your dream’s message and put it into action. An action step like going to see the foot doctor or look for a job. Or to do internal action by realizing how much you need your lover or to be satisfied with who you are. If you don’t then you could end up like the want-to-be author I described at the beginning of this blog.

For assistance with learning how to interpret your dreams and apply it to your life, check out my dream interpretation coaching. If you prefer for me to interpret your dream with information on how to apply it to your life, visit dream interpretation by email.

What to Do After You Interpret Your Dreams

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