Dream Meanings for Lion

Are you wondering what the dream meanings for lion are? Or why you dreamed about a lion in the first place? Whether you’re a cat lover or not, the lion symbol can appear in your dreams. Lions have powerful symbolism that is useful for your unique dream language.

In this blog post, I will go into five dream meanings for lion. However, with any symbol, there is always an abundance of possible messages. Therefore, it’s important to ponder upon the lion message in your dream. Here are five questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What does the lion symbol mean to me?
  2. Do I have any memories of lions from my past?
  3. Could the lion represent a person I know?
  4. Is there a situation in my life today the lion might symbolize?
  5. What feelings did I have about the lion – was I scared, excited, happy…?

Use these five questions for different dream symbols, too. You can always add your own questions if you like.

Five Dream Meanings for Lion

The following are five general meanings for lions for you to use for your dream.

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King of the Jungle

It’s time for you to survey your territory or life situation. Are you in control of what is happening? Or are you out of control? Are people invading your territory with their demands? Do you protect what is yours?

The king of the jungle is symbolic for power and boundaries, which are male-like characteristics. Women and men need to create limits and have some control over their destiny. Don’t allow others to take advantage or abuse you. Instead, take your power back.


There are two meanings for pride regarding lions. First, let’s look at the pride of lions as a symbol for your family. This can also mean your friends who are like family. Examine what’s happening with you and your loved ones.

Lions are very protective. Are you protecting your family? Maybe you’re overprotective? There’s a hierocracy in a pride of lions. Does this work in your pride? Is it time to allow more equality?

The other meaning of pride is to be proud. It’s time to take pride in your life and of who you are. Or do you need to stop being so prideful?


A lion’s roar is powerful and expressive! It’s time to voice yourself and say what is on your mind. This could also mean that you are a powerful speaker. Or you need to go into a career where talking is a major part of it. Think about if the expression means more than speaking; for example, expressing your individuality.

When a lion roars, it also can sound angry. If you are angry, it’s time to voice your anger. This will help you let it go… Anger can also be about creating boundaries to become the king of your own jungle.


This isn’t to say that lions are liars. Rather, it’s your subconscious doing a play on words. Are you lying to yourself or others? Or is someone lying to you? Whatever one it is, it’s important to get to the truth and be truthful.


Lions need courage to hunt, fight off enemies, and survive the hardships of their landscapes. These actions seem courageous to humans. Courage is an inside job and why the Cowardly Lion needed to look within to find his courage in the Wizard of Oz.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

This blog was inspired by a dream that I had of nine lions. Here’s one brief scene from my long dream:

Three teenager lions were in my room. A male sat next to me, wanting me to pet him. I kneeled by him and started petting the side of his jaw. The lion was enjoying me petting him, yet I was terrified that he could hurt me. I thought to myself – don’t show him you’re afraid to keep him from hurting you, show no fear.

Obviously, that dream scene was about me having the courage to walk through my fear.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t resonate with any of those five meanings, then use the five questions instead. To learn more about lions, I encourage you to watch documentaries about them. An oldie, but a great movie and book is Born Free, which is about Joy Adamson reintroducing the lion cub, Elsa, she raised back into the wild. This movie made me want a lion cub. Giggle. It’s safer to have cats and they’re my little lions.

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