Learning Dream Interpretation Takes Time

Every day, people visit my website to quickly find out what their dream meanings, yet learning dream interpretation takes time. Dream dictionary apps/books might give a small clue about a dream’s message. Reading a blog about a symbol, dream category, and how to do interpretation adds another piece of the puzzle. Yet there’s so much more to learn about dreams, which takes time.

Would you expect to learn how to play a musical instrument by reading a few blogs or watching a couple of videos? How about finishing a college course instantly? Perhaps you could master yoga within a week? Good luck mastering yoga in a week! It took me four months of practicing yoga before I could reach my toes in forward fold and years later there are still poses I can’t do well.

Learning Dream Interpretation Takes Time

Since it takes time to learn, master, and become an expert with a musical instrument, a major in college, and yoga; wouldn’t it make sense the same is true about analyzing dreams? We need dedication to learn dream interpretation and any other skill. The more you attempt to interpret your dreams, the more your interpretation skill grow and become stronger. Warning: it can take decades to a lifetime before you may feel like you’re an expert.

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Two Main Reasons Learning Dream Interpretation Takes Time

The two main reasons are dream language and dream categories. Let’s go over each of these.

Dream Language

Dream language is different than the English language or any language people use when they are awake. There are words in English that often have more than one meaning; for example, fall, nails, and squash. In a dream, one word, action, and symbol can have dozens upon dozens of meanings in the universal dream language.

Then there is the individual dream language, which is unique to each person. Your feeling in a dream will change one symbol and action meaning. Therefore, the symbol and action meaning will change depending if you’re happy, sad, fearful, jealous, angry… Your past and present obstacles can also alter the message with the one symbol and action in the same dream.

Now, imagine adding other symbols and another person’s action in the same dream? That’s right, even more possible meanings. This is why it’s so important to record your dreams to begin to understand your unique symbols and personal dream language, while noticing repeating patterns or themes.

Dream Categories

Dreams can have different categories; for instance, solution, recurring, and precognitive. To help you understand this, I’m going to use the following dream example:

You’re hiking up an enormous mountain, and your legs are becoming tired. So you stop for a moment and take a deep breath.

  • This solution dream is reinforcing how difficult it is at your company to reach the top and how tired you are of feeling unstable in your current position. It’s time to become centered and reflect on your next career steps.
  • Your recurring dream will keep repeating until you realize you need to stop and figure out how to stop creating mountains out of molehills in your life.
  • This precognitive dream is showing you a glimpse into the future where you will live in the mountains. And how you need to start exercising so you’ll have the stamina to live there.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding about how dream categories change a dream meanings and the need to explore each category.

Final Thoughts

There are other reasons of why learning dream interpretation takes time; such as your current obstacles or life experiences. When you understand your dream meanings, you’re learning more about who you are. Also, your dreams provide wisdom to use in every area of your life.

If you desire to learn dream interpretation, please visit dream interpretation coaching. Do you just want to know what your dream meant, then check out my service for dream interpretation by email.

Learning Dream Interpretation Takes Time

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  1. This is absolutely true. Just skimming the surface doesn’t do justice to the symbology of dreams. Great post! Thank you.

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