The Importance of a Dream Journal

The Importance of a Dream JournalHave you awakened from an amazing dream, thought you would remember it, then later couldn’t recall it or only remembered bits and pieces? This happens to all human beings, which shows the importance of a dream journal because it is imperative to document them upon awakening.

Importance of a Dream Journal

People have different preferences on how to record their dreams, such as:

  • Speaking into a voice recording device.
  • Clicking a dream journal app on their smart phone.
  • Using a laptop.
  • Sketching their dream into a notebook.
  • Writing longhand with a pen in a fancy journal.

For Busy People

Many people get out of bed with a to-do list: make coffee, prepare for work, take care of your children, feed the pets, or walk the dog. One thing the majority of us does when we rise out of bed is answering the call of nature – bring your dream journal with you.

Yes, you can multitask in the privacy of your bathroom. Write, type, or record the highlights of the dream, along with what you were feeling during the dream. Later in the day, what you have written may help trigger more memories of the dream to transcribe.


7 Important Reasons to Keep a Dream Journal

Are you thinking to yourself, “Why bother with a dream journal?”

Seven reasons for the Importance of a Dream Journal

  1. Motivates you to record your dreams.
  2. Triggers daily dream recall.
  3. Aids in comprehending your unique symbols.
  4. Enables you to notice the patterns in your dream.
  5. Makes dream interpretation easier.
  6. Helps to solve problems in your life.
  7. Creates a better understanding of who you are.

Carpenters need their tools to accomplish their work, a surgeon uses tools to perform surgery; therefore, you can use a dream journal to interpret your dream. Happy journaling!

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