What’s the Perfect Dream Journal for You?

There were few choices of dream journals to choose from back in the early nineties when I began journaling my dreams, which was either handwritten in a book journal or recorded on a magnetic tape recorder machine. These days, you are lucky to have a multitude of choices. If you desire to know why you should even bother to record your dreams, please read The Importance of a Dream Journal.

It’s crucial to find the dream journal style that works best for you and keeps you inspired to continue recording your dreams. These following seven methods to record your dreams will assist you to discover your perfect journaling tool.

Use these 7 methods to record your dreams

Dream Journal Apps

Now, I never used one, yet some people swear by them. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet, while checking on how to back-up your entries in the cloud storage to avoid losing valuable information. One advantage of using an app is you can journal down your dream anywhere, even during your public commute to work. Another bonus is that it won’t become damaged in a fire or your pet decides to use your journal to throw up or urinate on.

Laptop or Desktop

Type your dreams into your dream journal file on your computer, which is a convenient way to keep your dreams organized. Create sub files for symbols, categories, and possible interpretations to dive deeper into the secret language of dreams. Back-up your files on a USB memory stick, your computer’s hard drive, and the cloud storage.

Blog Your Dreams

Some bloggers use their blog as a dream journal. Your readers will give you feedback and/or insights on your dreams. An asset of blog posting a dream is the majority of people won’t give you any flack about what you wrote since it was only a dream.

Recording Device

Thank goodness those clunky magnetic tape recorders are a thing of the past! These days there are a variety of digital recorders to choose from. You can even use a voice recording app on your smartphone or tablet that can be backed up in the cloud storage. If you dislike writing or typing, yet love to talk – voice record your dreams. Who knows you could even start a podcast?

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams


Perhaps you like to video everything on your phone, tablet, or camcorder, why not video tape your dreams? You could even upload them to YouTube, Viemo, or have a vlog.


Are you in love with pinning like I am? Create a dream journal board! Pinterest has the option to use sections for your board and now you can move pins around a board – hallelujah! Create a secret board if you desire to keep your dreams private.

Old-fashioned Journal

There’s something magical about using a pen on paper! Handwriting your dreams could bring about insights missed in other journal styles. Plus handwriting does have positive effects on your brain as this Forbes article points out. You can buy a fancy journal or a cheap notebook.

Lastly, if you are a multitasker, feel free to use more than one method of recording your dreams.

Do you need help with journaling your dreams or understanding them? Check out dream interpretation by email.

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