Dreams about Being Bitten by a Snake

Snakes are a common symbol in dreams, yet there is no one size fits all meaning. Every person has their different life experiences, beliefs, traumas, obstacles, and ways of interacting with people that seeps into their dream life. This is why it’s important to figure out your dreams special symbols and unique interpretation.

Snake Bites in Dreams

The same is true of snake bites; for instance, a snake trainer will respond differently than a teenage girl. Your emotions also are a gigantic clue; who knows, maybe there’s a person who enjoys being bitten by a snake?

Did the snake sink his fangs into your face, neck, arm, hands, torso, butt, legs, or feet? What body part is bitten alters the dream context. Where the event occurs affects the meaning. Another important fact to assist you in interpreting your dreams is to mull over common threads of your past, present, or if it’s a precognitive dream.

What’s Pamela is Dreaming

There was a snake in my house and I was shaking with fear. My sister ignored the request to remove it from my house telling me to leave it alone. Obviously I felt upset over her actions. Eventually, it bit my right big toe.

In the next scene, my doctor was examining my right foot. All my toes were black that caused me great concern. The doctor’s prognosis was that my foot would be alright; however, I needed to keep off it for three days. This caused me distress because I couldn’t do yoga for three days, causing me to ponder how I could practice my poses during the time I needed to stay off my foot.

Then the doctor peeled off the black skin, revealing a normal foot. Whew, I felt such relief!

Examples of a Dream Dictionary’s Definition of a Snake Bite

  • Warnings.
  • Something poisonous in your life.
  • Resistance to taking the next step.
  • Being competitive.
  • An enemy attacking me.
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Yes, some of those meanings can make sense; nonetheless, it’s definitely not the last definition as my sister and I are close. Plus the doctor in the dream is one of the few whom I respect and like.

Here’s My Interpretation

The snake is representing my fear of taking steps toward transformation in my business. There’s a part of me that would like someone else to take care of this, yet I must do the work to move forward. During my metamorphosis, there will be some difficulties, I need to be patience while this process is occurring, and figure out a way to continue to do what I enjoy with work and play. In the end, all will be transformed.

Perhaps you are wondering how I could have gotten that dream meaning. This interpretation reinforces the need to be aware of what’s going on in your life. I’ve been pondering where my business is going, changes I need to bring about, and how to proceed. At times my baby sister is very mothering; therefore, it is reflecting my desire to have someone else do it for me. Also, she is less of a risk taker than me, which represents my thinking of just leaving things as they are. However, being bitten by the snake proves that I need to take action. The doctor scene represents the need to examine this situation, not to rush the process, do what I can in the meantime, and in three days (I wish), months, or years (no!) the changes I’ve been thinking about will occur.

Hopefully, this dream example, provided you with insight on how to examine your own dreams. In the meantime, I will be sure to wear shoes while walking in nature, and be open to receiving possible more meanings as time goes by.

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Dream Meaning of Snake Bites

11 Replies to “Dreams about Being Bitten by a Snake”

  1. I am terrified of snakes and have had a dream before that my missing dog (name is Brownie, breed Beagle, missing since September 2017) was found by my other 2 dogs (Apollo & Skylos) and came home. However when they came home they went to play in the pond, Brownie went for a swim & was swallowed by a constrictor. I jumped in & cut open the snake & saved my baby who was still alive.
    Just today I had a dream that a massive yellow ball python of 26 feet in length had set his sights on eating Skylos. It had been sneakily moving it’s way to him, when I noticed it got more aggressive about it as I had scooped up Skylos(Beagle as well) and started to leave. At this point it bit my foot but someone got it off my foot and I ran with my baby to my room where my gun was. It followed and almost got Skylos until I grabbed it behind the head with one hand and shot it in the head with the other. It died and I thought Skylos was safe till I saw another snake trying to get him. I grabbed this one as well and it kept unhinging its jaw to hook it’s teeth on my fingers until I screamed for help and someone else chopped it’s head off. I am terrified of snakes but I only felt a small of fear but a tidal wave of fury over something trying to hurt my baby.
    I am sorry for the long message but can you help me translate these?

    1. One possible meaning could be you’re afraid that your dogs will be hurt. These dreams seem complicated, Faith, which would take time out of my busy schedule to analyze. If you’re patient I could do an interpretation for my June’s column in Bellesprit Magazine, as I already have dreams for April and May. Or you could purchase an email reading at https://learndreaminterpretation.com/dream-interpretation-services/dream-interpretation-by-email/

  2. Hi Pamela!
    I had a strange dream about two days ago. I woke up from the dream at about 6 am.
    From what I remember, I was in a jungle, there were a lot of vivid greens and yellows, but it felt superbly normal to me. Nothing was particularly abnormal to me, I belonged to the jungle and I belonged to the ball of snakes surrounding me. I felt no fear. I felt a snake on my arm, it was a Long-nosed Whip Snake or something of the sort. It’s shade of green was a much more rich and blue tinted color than that of a whip snake. I watched it slither up my arm and stop about 41/2″ up my arm from my wrist. Then it bit me, and I felt it, like molten ice clawing its way into my arm. The pain was so intense and the dream was so vivid that it woke me up. Shot me straight from sleeping to sitting up, covered in sweat, and with a wild heart beat. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that I am not a jungle child but a young woman in the black hills. I have never even been far enough south to see a jungle. I know that I have never been afraid of snakes, I’m quite fond of them actually. I’ve never been bitten and I used to play with wild snakes when I was a child. If you could help me, or point me in the direction of someone who could help me, I would be entirely grateful to you or whomever could assist me with this….
    Warm regards, Alli Thomas

  3. I saw many small snakes lying around and many having from tree and as got scared and started to run one hanging snake bit me on my neck behind my ear ..!! I am concerned

    1. One meaning for snakes is transformation, is there something you need to transform in your life? Possibly with your family members as the tree could be symbolic for family tree? For an in-depth analysis of your, please visit my dream interpretation service page. https://learndreaminterpretation.com/dream-interpretation-services/
      Or learn more about dreams, in my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. https://learndreaminterpretation.com/books/

  4. I had a dream I was a cop and we were on the job and I found a snake curled up , I was running away when it bite me on my right hand and my partner in my dream told me to calm down that it will hurt less . What does this mean ?

  5. i had a dream where i was in some sort of jungle full of snakes and got bitten multiple times, one time on my hand by a small blue snake with black stripes that seemed to be poisonous and another time by a medium brown snake on my left and they just kept trying to bite me.

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