One Dream Has Many Meanings

Some people don’t realize how one dream has many meanings, instead they think there’s only one dream message. Another thing society does is try to look at a dream with a daytime view, giggle. If only interpreting dreams were that simple.

Recently, I was pondering the method to prepare an instruction segment on how to go deeper within a dream and look at it from the different angles. My mind was having a hard time on figuring out a teaching concept for my group Dream Interpretation for Spiritual Group; therefore, I decided to put it on hold until the next day.

One Dream Has Many Meanings

It turns out that I didn’t have to plan anything as that night I had a dream, which was the perfect example to use for the lesson.

My Dream

My sister, niece, and I were talking in a living room. Cynthia (who’s an adult now) was a young teenager and Snowy, their dog who passed, was there. There was a black leopard sleeping in the corner and I felt perfectly safe there. I can’t remember much of the conversation except as I was leaving, I made the comment about the black leopard. My sister responded that she didn’t notice it.

I left carrying Snowy, who was on a leash, close to my chest and was walking down a hill. I saw two lion cubs ahead of me and got nervous because I knew the mamma had to be somewhere. Then I heard a lion’s roar and thought it was the mother, but when I turned around it was the male lion. I was too terrified to move as the lion ran towards me and clamped his teeth on my right hand & wrist. I knew the lion could cause seriously damaged or kill me. So I gave him Snowy to eat, knowing that my niece was going to be furious.

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Analysis of One Dream Has Many Meanings

In this section I will give a simple and deeper analysis as how it pertains to my family.

Simple Analysis

There’s something that I have been avoiding talking about or wanting to do with my sister and niece. I begin walking that path, but afraid of what lies ahead hence the two cubs. And how people are going to react. The male lion represents the fact that I need to grab whatever it is by the hand with strength, while sacrificing what my family and others think of me.

Deeper Family Analysis

Cynthia is representing me as a teenager hanging out with my sister. The black leopard is the elephant in the living room aka Denial! My sister is symbolic of my own denial even if bits were peeking out.

Snowy symbolizes the family love and loyalty that I carry within my heart, yet the leash is symbolic of restrictions on my freedom.

The two cubs might be symbolic for my sister and me. My mother wasn’t around much because of health issues. Perhaps the male lion is about my father’s belief system that was based on his ancestors/society’s rules and traditions. If I stand still and allow him to keep a grasp on me, it will limit my creativity and ability to form the life I want to create. So I have to sacrifice something I love or a part of me in order to move on.

Different Angles of One Dream Has Many Meanings

Now, let’s go even deeper of looking within me, rather than focusing on my family.

One Angle

This could be my intuitive and creative female side that wasn’t allowed in my family growing up nor accepted in society. Even when it’s sleeping in the living room! It could also be showing a new journey within my work.

Walking down the hill is me going forward, and it’s an easier path. The cubs could be a symbol for two different aspects of my business that will grow… The male lion may be symbolic of not allowing mainstream beliefs to interfere. Or I need strength to grasp the situation and use male logical and builder instincts, while feeding it with unconditional love and female power.

Another Angle of What’s Going on Now

The black leopard could be symbolic of my black cat, Rhiannon, and/or denial of change within my current household. This enables me to begin to view it.

Walking and holding Snowy could be symbolic for my cat, Merlin, who is also all white. I do walk Merlin on a leash, his name was Snowball before I adopted him, plus I love him with all my heart. The two cubs could be showcasing my two cats or two kittens in the future. Since Merlin has been losing weight and I’m taking him to the vet on Monday. This might mean that I’m going to have the strength to face up to the fact what a sacrifice it will be for me when he goes to the Great Big Cat on the other side – no matter how much it will upset me and my inner child when he dies.

Merlin with his leash

Update – I took Merlin to the vet and his blood counts were low. Merlin is on medicine/vitamins and seems better. Although, the vet agrees with me to keep his care simple. The Bruiser is such a terror at the vet office, it took two techs to hold him down when she took a blood sample. Plus I’m not comfortable using anesthesia on him for a bone marrow or other tests since he’s eleven years old and there’s a chance it could kill him. Instead, I prefer Merlin to be happy for however long he shall live.

*Update – Merlin passed on February 6, 2021. This and other dreams I had influenced me to write Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death.

Final Thoughts

When I did my teaching segment within the group, the interpretations my students had were different than the four above, although they did hit on bits of them before I revealed my analysis. More proof on how one dream has many meanings.

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one dream has many meanings
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4 Replies to “One Dream Has Many Meanings”

  1. I’ve been following along for months, but I never commented. Thank you for your wonderful insights from personal life! this is exactly what I try to teach my clients – don’t try to just search a meaning online. Use your inner wisdom to guide you. Dreams are custom made, eh! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree that it’s important to follow your inner wisdom. However, many folks don’t know how to get in touch with it. Nor do they have any idea how to begin to understand their unique dream language. This is where having me as a teacher comes in. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

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