Spiritual Holiday Gifts

If you’re stuck on what to give a loved one, then check out these spiritual holiday gifts ideas. The following gifts will help you with your creativity, spiritual growth, and of course dreams. I would suggest ordering early since the pandemic will jam up and slow down shipping from the post office, UPS, FedEx, and other shipping sources.

Spiritual Holiday Gifts Created by Indies and Small Business

The following gift ideas are from people that I personally know and recommend.


Books are wonderful spiritual holiday gifts as they trigger our minds to visualize and/or feel the story and information. Within a book there is a lesson to be learned, whether that is by learning a new topic or relating to characters in a fiction book. They also assist us in our personal and spiritual growth…

Here are two talented authors who have become very special in my life:

Alianne Donnelly

Alianne Donnelly author

Alianne is a multi-genre author who was the first Indie author that I ever read, although one of her series was first released by a publishing house. I was blown away by her ability to weave a story that I couldn’t put down! Some of her books have twists on fairy tales, while others are her own unique creations. Use the below button to learn more about Alianne and to purchase her books in eBook, paperback, or audio books.

Chariss K. Walker

Chariss writes both fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical and spiritual component. The first book of hers that I read was a nonfiction book on charkas, which impressed me with her writing style and knowledge. Chariss was in the healing field for many years, yet she felt inspired to reach a larger audience and has done so as an author who has written a mega amount of books! Her fiction books are not only enjoyable, but also have a teaching and spiritual aspect to it. To learn more about Chariss’ eBooks and paperback books, please use the button below.

Oracle Decks

These decks make the perfect spiritual holiday gifts that can be used again and again… They can be used to give you hope, information for the day, or as a forecast for the future. What I love about Indie decks is their uniqueness as they aren’t limited to a publisher’s focus on making money, which can stifle their creativity.

The following is from a creative deck designer:

Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris oracle cards

I met Dyan when I used to subcontract for her former advisor line. She has many talents including being a musician and, of course, creating decks. Her oracle decks are beautiful and very useful for personal and spiritual growth. I own a few decks and love how accurate they are! Deck topics are: angels, channeled messages, twin flames, divine feminine/masculine, tea oracle, and an integration deck. To learn more or purchase her decks, please use the button below.


To receive a half hour or hour services is a special spiritual holiday gifts. A session can help someone feel more inspired and assist healing their body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s a psychic and a healer that I’ve personally used and recommend:

Amanda Cooper

Amanda Cooper psychic

I’ve known Amanda since she was born and we were even roommates when she was a toddler! However, like many people, we went our separate ways for decades. Then we reconnected and I’m so glad we did! I was blown away on how accurate her first reading was during the session, although when her predictions came about I was even more impressed. Amanda is very gifted and I highly recommend her. Please use the below button to connect with her to purchase a gift certificate.

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

Rev Tiffany White

I met Tiffany during a former radio show network that she used to run and now she has her own. Tiffany has many talents, yet her true love is healing people. Which is why she offers holistic healing services and products to balance the body, mind, and soul. I’ve used her services and admire her abilities. To choose the right service and/or products for your loved one, click on the button below.

Products and Services for Dream Interpretation

The following are the products and services that I, Pamela Cummins, offer for spiritual holiday gifts:


Pamela Cummins author dream books

I have a total of six books, two are on dream interpretation, one is on personal growth affirmations, and three are about your personal growth in regard to relationships. To learn more, please click the button below.

Oracle Deck

Answers from Animals Oracle Cards
Answers From Animals

Check out my oracle card decks available at the Game Crafter. Please use the below button to learn more and purchase the deck.


Dream Interpretation Services

Depending on your loved ones needs, I can analyze their dream and explain how to use this wisdom in their life. Or teach them how to do dream interpretation. Whichever you choose, gift certificates are available. Click on the button to view and choose from the different services available.

Final Thoughts

The above items are unique spiritual holiday gifts; nevertheless, you use them as presents throughout the year. May you stay centered and peaceful during these turbulent times, then give what you can to others. Happy Holidays!

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