As the Precognitive Dream Unravels

Future prediction, whether through a precognitive dream or a psychic reading, rarely give a play by play of how an event will exactly unfold; which had made some of my past clients very angry when I used to work the psychic lines. One female caller wanted to know if she was going to get a lot of money from her soon to be ex-husband. My Angels answer was, “You will be taken care of financially.” The woman became furious after she asked the question three different ways and my Angels kept giving her the same answer. At one point she shouted, “You’re not answering my question!” “This is the way my Angels are answering it,” I responded. 

Precognitive Dreams

Many people are like that female caller in that they expect their precognitive dreams to happen exactly the way they dreamed it. Ha, if only it was that easy. First, you need to identify if it really was a precognitive dream. How can you recognize a precognitive dream? 


Signs of a Precognitive Dream

  • Precognitive dreams are more vivid than your other dreams.
  • There is a knowing (similar to daytime intuition) that this will occur.
  • You remember the dream even if you rarely have dream recall.
  • Future occurrence happens in your life that are similar to the dream.
  • The more you experience precognitive dreams, the easier they become to pin point.

Those five bullet points are pointing out that determining and understanding a precognitive dream is not an overnight process. Keeping a dream journal assist in developing and proceeding forward in understanding if your dream was indeed a precognitive or not. Learning the secret language of dreams is a journey, takes time, and is never over.

Two dreams that I had occurred a few weeks ago are a great example of that it doesn’t matter how long you been interpreting your dreams (I’ve been doing it since 1991), identifying the meaning of a precognitive dream is a process.  The following is my experience on how the precognitive dreams unraveled.

First Precognitive Dream

I dreamed that I was with my man, C., and his male friend/co-worker at an interesting store. In our waking life, we have gone out on double dates with C’s co-worker and wife. I was having a great time and didn’t want to leave.

In the second scene we are with a bunch of his co-workers in a place that looks like a department store, I felt uncomfortable around these people because I didn’t know them. C. goes off with a bunch of people from work up the elevator, leaving me with two of his male office mate that I wasn’t crazy about. I said, “Where’s he going?” One of the men told me not to worry about it, nevertheless I felt really upset that he wasn’t with me and left me stuck there.


The dream had a precognitive vibe to it, although I was puzzled as to its meaning. I received a text from C. letting me know we had two opportunities to go out this Saturday and if I was interested. The first was from our friend who wanted to go to antique stores, but his wife had to work. The second was to see the movie “John Wick,” plus go out to eat with a bunch of people from his job. I laughed as I concluded that’s what the dream meant; I replied yes to the text.

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Second Precognitive Dream (Friday morning)

We were at a place similar to the department store, however it was different. C. strolled away from me and put his hand on the waist of a pretty, young girl. I angrily asked, “What is going on?” His response was, “It’s not a big deal because she’s my ex-girlfriend.” Then he walked away with her and a bunch of other people from his work, I tried to follow, consequently I couldn’t because all of a sudden a huge piece of glass was blocking the way. I was furious!


I awoke feeling very upset and concerned from the dream because of the precognitive energy. I couldn’t help but wonder what the message was in these two dreams. Could the second dream be pointing out that C. liked someone from work or some young girl from work was interested in him?

I pulled a tarot card on how our relationship was, the card was the “lover’s card.” Whew! Thank God, yet fear came up. I asked my guides if everything was okay between C. and me. Instantly, I got a vision of the last scene from the television show “Medium” where her husband gave a woman, who was choking, the Heimlich maneuver. I understood that clairvoyant message, you see, in that particular episode she kept having a dream about her husband behind a woman that had a sexual vibe to it. Her dream wasn’t clear till the end of the show when her husband saved the life of the woman, who she thought he was having sex with. My guides were letting me know not to worry.

That vision did help me let go of my fear, however, I did feel anxious to discover the true meaning of the dream. That night C. came home with a stomach virus that he caught from his co-workers. He spent most of Friday night vomiting, slept a lot on Saturday, and felt better by Tuesday morning. I did feel disappointed because I would have liked to go antiquing. I was mad at his co-workers for going in sick and giving him the stomach flu. And we kept our distance to prevent me from catching it, luckily that worked.

Allow Time

Those two precognitive dreams are great examples because I did use the five bullet points. My man even asked if I wrote down the two dreams, I responded, “No, I’ll remember them.” The most important factor was not jumping to conclusions, while allowing time to give the true meaning of my dreams.

I would love to hear about your precognitive dreams and what messages they gave you. Please comment below. If you need help understanding them, please check out the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams or visit the Dream Interpretation Services page.


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