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Last Monday, September 10, 2018, we were informed that Hurricane Florence’s eye is in direct line of where I live – Jacksonville, North Carolina. My spirit guides kept telling me over and over, “Safe.” This is the dream I had Tuesday morning:

What’s Pamela Dreaming

Mother Nature was calling; therefore, I followed another woman into the ladies woman. All the toilets looked like a strange urinal for men and the stalls didn’t have any doors, but the woman used it anyhow. I was debating to use it because it didn’t feel right; however, a man walked in and told me it was the men’s room.

In the next dream scene, I walked into a room that had some boxes packed, and two doors at the end where the toilets were. To my dismay, a woman was there with a bunch of children that weren’t that big and looked like those Russian dolls that are different sizes fitting inside each other.

I asked, “Do all your children have to go.” The mother responded, “No, just me.” Whew, I felt relieved to not have to deal with waiting for her to care for her children.

Next, I’m urinating in the left toilet, with the door open, and the buttons are undone on my shirt exposing my breast. Across from me, another woman is going while giving me a dirty look. This woman flushes her poop filled toilet and it starts to overflow. Luckily, there’s not too much water on the floor to clean.

Now granted this dream can have many different meanings besides a hurricane dream, for example, it could be:

Possible Dream Meanings 

• An environment because my body did need to urinate upon awakening, although I did let go in the dream, which normally doesn’t happen in that dream category. Thankfully, it only happened in my dream and not in my bed.
• Not to accept somebody else’s poop.
• To notice where I’m going.
• Since my breast was exposed, it could mean to be vulnerable with an open heart.

And there could be many more interpretation; however, let’s go with the precognitive dream for the upcoming hurricane. Here’s an interpretation:

This dream was showing me that I would be uncomfortable staying with other people or another place during the storm. Or it could be a premonition I would be stuck in a shelter having to be patient while dealing with other people.

The children could represent that it will be easy taking care of my fur children. Or that some material things aren’t that important to take care of since the children looked like Russian dolls.

My shirt being expose and urinating with the door open while being judged by the woman, means to be myself and do what feels right in my heart – no matter what other’s opinions are.

Lastly, perhaps one of our toilets will clog up, yet the other will be okay. Or we may receive a little flooding. Or to put up with the crap and we’ll be okay.

Should we stay or should we go?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the people living in our county and other counties along the coastal Carolina were given a mandatory evacuation notice. This means if you choose to stay behind no one will come to your rescue. Having only experienced two hurricanes, I became worried and knew I could regret whatever choice we decided on. So many opinions on what to do.

Yet, I couldn’t help but think of when I lived in New Jersey, a huge blizzard was predicted. My cat, Midnite (who passed a decade ago), was low on food; therefore, I went to the grocery store that took over two hours to purchase my items. After waiting for over six hours for the blizzard, I left the house to go to the laundromat. We never did get any snow that week.

Another thing that came to mind is years ago my sister and her husband stayed in Eastern Carolina, while thousands evacuated to Raleigh, North Carolina. At the last minute, the hurricane changed course and came barreling down in Raleigh! You never know!

So, I told my partner that I would ask for guidance in either a dream or message from my guides and we would do whatever they said, he agreed since he knows me so well. Here’s the dream:

Many people were telling me I had to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I felt this wasn’t right and I didn’t want to go there.

If anyone from Pittsburgh is reading this, my intention is not to insult you, nor do I desire for anything negative to happen to your city. Nevertheless, if we were going to evacuate up North it would either be to my old stomping grounds in Morris County, New Jersey or to my dear friends in Easton, Pennsylvania.

I told Chris about my dream and that we’re going to stay here with the majority of our other neighbors, before finding out that according to the weatherman the hurricane pattern has shifted further south and we’re not in such a direct hit at the moment. Florence is going to do what she desires to do and just like a woman, she may change her mind at the last minute.

In the meantime, we’re more prepared than the boy scouts of America to endure the weather or for a quick getaway. We will even fill the slow cooker with coffee, better room temperature coffee than no coffee!

We saving our hurricane treats to savor during the storm and aftermath. Although, tonight we will eat our barbecue chips left over from last weekend because that’s legal!

Please pray for us and all those weathering Florence and any other storms! Namaste…


We’re safe and truly blessed!

Time always help with precognitive dream interpretation, learn more about this by reading As the Precognitive Dream Unravels.

Here’s more information from the first dream:

• The boxes and Russian dolls represent how we packed an emergency bags with valuable papers (birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.) and necessities. We also put other material things we cared about in bags, while placing them in the washer/dryer in case of flooding. Just a side note – it was interesting to discover what material things were most important to me, plus how little I truly need.
• My exposed breasts truly was symbolic for being vulnerable during the hurricane and flooding/tornado warnings.
• This next part is a little gross; however, we used the hallway bathroom (on the left side from where I sleep) for number 1 and master bathroom (the right side) for number 2 with a plastic bag to collect it. We couldn’t flush because our septic tank was filled with saturated water from our back yard and the toilets would have overflow if we flushed.
• We did get a little water on our kitchen floor because two of our metal shingles fell off (insulated foam board underneath); see pictures below.
• My dream and guides saying we’re safe was spot on and prayers that Pittsburgh is okay.

Sunday morning, I had a dream that I was taking a hot shower and it felt so good on my back. I knew that was a precognitive dream of our power coming back on soon! Our power went on as soon as the utility crew cut one service line to a house that is down on the ground; see picture below. Aw, a hot shower never felt so good! I did feel guilty and continued my prayers for all NCers without power and in shelters.

The silver lining in my Hurricane Florence experiences is that my partner really trust my dreams and intuition now. Now, if I receive the information to evacuate for future hurricanes; he will agree to go…

Please pray for North Carolina! Check out our pictures below:

Pamela Cummins shingles on roof
Metal shingles on roof torn off by Hurricane Florence
Precognitive dream meaning for water on floor
Kitchen Ceiling
Neighbors home hurricane Florence
Trees fell on house next door – nobody lives there.
power line
Cutting fallen power line to restore neighborhood electric
Tree uprooted
Tree uprooted and bless the birds who lost their home ~ sad


Hurricane Dream Guidance ~ What's Pamela Dreaming


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