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Work smarter, not harder was the Angel’s message for me during a reading I had with Belle Salisbury. These words of wisdom rang true to me. One thing I can do to work less and be productive is to let go of Pamela’s Dream Blog and just focus on this blog. I looked into the idea of forwarding all the blogs here, which would have caused a lot of work for me. Instead of me working harder; here are the four most read blogs:

Number One

Authoring a Book is Like Being Pregnant and Giving Birth


Okay, I admit the picture is a little silly; yet most authors will agree pregnancy is a great analogy of what it feels like when they are writing, editing, and preparing to release their book. Just like a human pregnancy, authoring a book can cause some discomfort and at times, pain. A book comes into being through baby steps: an ideal, notes or an outline, allowing the book to form as we write, editing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, more editing and rewriting …, finding the perfect cover, formatting the book layout, and lo and behold – the birth of your book.

Unless you’re Mother Mary, any type of pregnancy cannot be done alone; although a book ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Number Two

What Does Dream Interpretation and Yoga Have In Common

Pamela Cummins Dream Interpreter

You might be thinking how could yoga and dream interpretation have anything related to each other? Many people think they can take shortcuts to either one of them. People watch a yogi do a yoga pose and think the posture is easy to do until they try it.  They go to a dream dictionary and think their dream means what it says in the dictionary, yet it is much more complex. You can learn more about that in the blog Are Dream Dictionaries Reliable in Their Interpretation?

Dream interpretation and yoga both take years to become an expert at because of all their complexities. The three basics of yoga are ~ read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Number Three

Dreams Can Give Glimpses of the Future


Here’s a benefit of learning dream interpretation: your dreams can give you insights and flashes of what your future will be. It takes time to learn the feeling of a precognitive dream, yet it is well worth the effort. Your premonition dreams rarely give you direct information on how your future will exactly be, although it does happen.  Instead, you will receive glimpses of your future through symbolism.

Are you, like me, where you have dreams that switch from one scene to another scene almost like a play would? Sometimes, you can remember all acts, while other times one stands out more than another. The latter is what recently happened to me and I would like to share two dream segments occurring on different nights.

First Dream Scene

I was in labor lying on a portable hospital bed in the hallway while waiting for a room to become available. My belly was gigantic! A Priest came by and asked if I would like him to do a religious rite for me. I really didn’t get the best vibe from him and felt relieved to be able to escape his Christian ceremony by giving him my honest reply, “I’m Jewish.”

Imagine my surprise when I saw an Orthodox rabbi dancing at the end of the bed, singing, “She’s Jewish, she’s Jewish.” I could feel the energy of his excitement, which was like he was sticking out his tongue and saying na, na, na, na to the Priest. I thought to myself – I don’t want your ritual either because I’m more spiritual than Jewish; plus I don’t like your attitude towards the priest. 

Read the interpretation and the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Number Four


How Time Reveals Amazing Secrets in Precognitive Dreams

When you have a precognitive dream it will give you a premonition of the future, yet it is rare that your dream will reveal the exact manner your future will happen. Instead, your dream could come in symbolism and a scene or two of an event that is proceeding. You may have no idea what it means, which is why I suggest you make a record of it for future reference. Please write down your feelings in the dream, especially if it felt like this was going to occur in the future.

Precognitive dreams are similar to intuition because often it doesn’t make any sense and needs time to reveal its meaning. When you’re in touch with the way you feel during an intuitive moment or precognitive dream it will help you to recognize it in the future, because you will have that feeling memory to go on. Time is what is needed for you to understand and trust your precognitive dreams (just like your intuition) because we humans need things to be repeated for proof and to truly comprehend their meanings.

Do you remember that I promised to keep you updated about my two dreams I blogged about in “Dreams Can Give Glimpses of the Future” back in October. Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog.

You can read more of my personal dream blogs and under this blog’s category “What’s Pamela Dreaming.”

Have you ever had precognitive dreams? Do you dream about yoga or being pregnant? I would love to hear your comments!  

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