Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate

Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate“I saw a man in my dream who felt like my soul mate,” I have heard from my clients and radio callers when I hosted The Love Channel Show. The majority of these dreams occurred to women, although it happens to men too. Is it true? Are they really dreaming of their upcoming partner? Is it dream land discovery of your lifetime mate?

Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate

Yes, the majority of the times people really do dream of their upcoming significant other. Love’s energy often occurs before the couple comes into contact, whether it’s while you’re sleeping or that common intuitive feeling that you are going to meet someone special. Are you curious what the dreamer dreams about?

Ways He/She Could Appear in Your Dreams

  • You actually see their face; however, this is extremely rare.
  • The two of you are interacting, but you can’t see their face.
  • You could hear their voice, feel their presence, or smell their scent.
  • The dream occurs energetically.
  • In some dreams love making occurs.
  • Precognitive dream of an actual event in the future.

Meet Soul Mate in Dreamland

How to Discover Your Lifetime Mate

Singles, would you like to know how you can have dreams of your future mate? Your intention helps because if you believe, you will receive. The following are five tools to use:

  1. Write yourself a letter stating – I will meet my soul mate in a dream.
  2. When you close your eyes to go to sleep, say to yourself over and over, “I will dream about my future lifetime mate.”
  3. Ask your Angels or pray to God or your Higher Power to show you who your partner in life will be.
  4. Put a rose quartz crystal on your night stand, under your bed, or wear it on a necklace while you sleep.
  5. Keep doing this night after night until your lover comes to you in a dream.


What’s Pamela Dreaming

A word of warning; your dream could have an unexpected twist to it. This is what happened to me fifteen years ago. My twelve year old niece called me with some love spell which she had read out of a book and wanted me to try it. I can’t remember what the simple ingredients were in this spell; honestly, I really didn’t expect anything to happen. That night I dreamed about four to five different men!

When I told my niece about my dream, her response was, “Ah, talk to my Mom.” After a few minutes my sister comes on the phone and said, “You just had to be difficult!”

Today, my interpretation of that dream was I still had some lessons to learn with men. I didn’t have four relationships, but I sure had a lot of dates. My Angels wanted me to have more relationship education before “Mr. Right” came in.

Have you had dreams about your future soul mate? Or a dream like mine? Please comment below. Are you having trouble understanding your dreams? My dream interpretation services can help you. If you need help with love and relationships, please visit spiritual growth coaching.


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