How to Understand Your Dreams’ Special Symbols

Your dream about a snake awakens you out of a sound sleep; now you’re pondering what does it means. You reach for your dream dictionary or click the dream app on your smart phone, look up what a snake means, and choose the meaning that seems right. Is that what your dream truly means? Well, maybe, but probably not. It can be confusing understanding your dreams’ special symbols. 

Your Dreams’ Special Symbols

Dream dictionaries/apps are very general and a great place to start; however, there is a lot more work that needs to be done. If you were having health issues, would you look up your symptoms, and trust everything you read? More than likely, you would seek a medical professional for an exact diagnosis. Dream interpretation is much more complicated than the meaning of one symbol, yet let’s use the snake example of what you could find in the following reference materials;

Christian Dream Interpretation – the snake in the Garden of Eden made Eve create man’s downfall, therefore snake is evil and represents bad temptation.

Dream Dictionary – someone who is cold or mean.

Animal Totem – transformation since snakes shed their skin.

Symbol Book – penis.


And don’t forget two snakes intertwining is the symbol for medicine. Are any of these or other interpretations of snake wrong? No they are not; instead they are all correct.

Snake Dream Example

Which snake symbol is right for the individual dreamer varies on what is going on in their life and how the snake made them feel. A recovering alcoholic is dreaming about a snake coiling around a bottle of gin and feels afraid. In this particular dreamer’s case it could be symbolic for they have been tempted to drink again and are afraid of a relapse. Another dreamer could have the same dream, although the snake represents their alcoholic, gin drinking father whom they feared as a child. Same dream, different meaning.

Tarot Meanings for Symbols

Other symbols and action will also influence the dream’s meaning. Tarot readers know that one card has a certain meaning, add a card or two and the first tarot card’s meaning is now changed. Here’s another example for those who don’t read the tarot; a red headed woman tells her three co-workers that she found a long blond hair on her husband’s shirt. One co-worker automatically thinks her husband is cheating on her. Another co-worker knows her daughter has long blond hair and thinks it’s her daughter’s hair. The third co-worker has met the husband who has long blond hair and assumes the hair is his. Can you see how one symbol can have many variables?

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