Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is it Common?

Eww! Gross! This is a common response most folks have upon waking up from a dreaming about snakes and/or spiders. Or perhaps some people may think it’s awesome, especially a little boy or if they’re into reptiles and insects. These two symbols seem to baffle many of why they would dream about spiders and snakes; however, it’s really quite common which will be showcased on this blog.

I wondered how many columns I’ve written regarding snakes and spiders. Therefore, I started going through my desktop file folder for my dreamtime columns that are listed in alphabetical order by year and month. By the time I reached the month of February, I already had three columns! There’s probably more, but I’ve been a columnist since 2013, and honestly, I was too lazy to continue looking.

The following three are from my former In the Dreamtime columns and three blog posts from this website validate the fact of how common the dream symbols of spider and snakes are.

Four Columns of Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders From In the Dreamtime 

  1. October 2018 column is about a boy who had recurring dreams about killing or almost killing a spider, then a snake burrows into his body. Read more at Bellespirt Magazine. 
  2. February 2018 column is from a reader who not only had a dream about spiders, but also many other symbols. Read this fascinating dream at Bellespirit Magazine.
  3. February 2017 column’s dream was sent in by a dreamer who dreamt about snakes and spiders while riding a bicycle. Read more at Bellesprit Magazine.

Three Blogs of Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders from Learn Dream Interpretation

  1. In this blog post, I used the snake symbol as an example for common meanings, to illustrate how this symbol is unique for each dreamer. To read, please click How to Understand Your Dreams Special Symbols.
  2. My guest, Katherien Lundin, wrote an interesting blog post on the symbolism of spiders. Learn more at Dreaming of Spiders.
  3. This post shares common meanings about snake bites with an emphasis of figuring out your unique dream meaning. This blog also uses one of my personal dreams. To read more, please click Dreams about Being Bitten by a Snake.

Although snake and spiders symbolism is common in dreams; remember, everyone is unique. What the symbol means to one person will be completely different to someone else. If you would desire to discover more on dream interpretation, please check out the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, online video and audio courses, or consider purchasing a dream interpretation service.

Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is Common - Learn about snake and spider symbolism from these four columns and three blogs

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