Dreaming of Spiders

I am very pleased to have my special guest, Katherien Lundin, on my blog today regarding dreaming of spiders symbolism.

Dreaming of Spiders

Creepy crawlers, arachnids, or spiders bring fear to many in waking life and can even cause accidents when someone is trying to avoid them. Spiders are eight legged carnivores that have homes all over the world. They have been on our planet for millions of years in fact the oldest known fossil spider is 380 million years old. These eight legged creepy crawlers are helpful because they keep your space free from other insects that can be considered as pests.  Spiders help the whole planet in a similar way, preventing many destructive pests from becoming dominant. An arachnid’s web is made of silk that is among the strongest, most elastic of natural fibres. Albeit all of these amazing features we still hold fear about spiders in our waking and dream world.

spider symbolism

Spiders’ Symbolism 

Dreams about spiders can and do evoke many emotions and fears. The symbolism tied to spiders is often vast and does correspond in waking life.

Denoted as feminine, these eight legged insects can represent an overbearing and oppressive matriarch or even a female in your life that can be territorial and even predatory.

An arachnid is an insect or a bug, and for a lot of us can simply mean we are going to be coming down with a bug. A cold or flu bug to be exact, a virus sometimes of tarantula proportion. Like the itch inside a throat to an upcoming sniffle.

To see a spider in your dream can also indicate that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. An outsider spinning their web of thought in an isolated corner, hiding from ridicule, recognition or even just wanting to be alone.

If you dream of a spider with her web this does often forecast with their web changes to a difficult situation and or a difficult person spinning a web around you. Being caught in a spider’s web often does literally show us fear of being trapped or that we may become tangled in someone’s issues. A web is a warning to be cautious for you are about to become the spiders prey.

Spiders in dreams are harbingers of pests, bugs, and fears that can do help us find clarity of our difficult people and situations in waking life.

Guest Bio

I am Katherien Lundin, a Professional Clairvoyant Medium. I refine my gifts by quiet meditation and practice through my connection with the other side. I use automatic writing in order to convey messages for you.  True Recognition of my gifts were through the love and support of my family, which I attribute as the greatest gift, which is love. With clientele from all walks of life, I am dedicated to providing honesty, integrity, validation and positivity to ensure the feeling of warmth and clarity.

I look forward to connecting with you…

Web Site: http://www.katherienclairvoyant.com

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  1. I dreamt that my 29yr old son was hugging me really tight, I couldn’t wiggle free. Then there was a round tan spider with one 20ft arm that kept reaching out and then curling back up.

  2. It’s been on my mind for several days now. Then I picked up my granddaughter on Friday for the weekend, she’s 8.i didn’t tell her about it but she all of a sudden told me that there was a black and brown spider in her room. She said her mom took it away..

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