Messages of Love from the Departed

You’ve awaken from an intense dream where you were with someone who is deceased. Was it just a dream or a visit? This happens more than you think; in fact, it’s really a common occurrence. Our departed loved ones visit us in a dream as it’s much easier for them to connect to us than when we are awake. People on the other side energies vibrate at a higher level since they’re not weighted down by the physical body low level vibration. We, Earthlings, dream in a higher frequency level, allowing the deceased to have effortless communication with us. Often we receive messages of love from the Departed.

Let us go back to the question of whether it was an actual visit or just a dream. Usually a visit is a short dream without much action where words and/or feelings are being exchanged. While a regular dream often has action, symbolism, and might have a theme of unresolved issues. However; there are also dreams where there are mixtures of visits, signs, and activities for us to interpret the messages from the deceased. Frustrating, I know; yet who said communication with the departed or dream interpretation was easy. Even the most gifted medium receive messages that are open to interpretation or the client will only understand the meaning days, months, or even years after the reading.

Messages of Love from the Departed

Purrfect Protector

Here’s a personal experience that happened to me last week that combines aspects of dreaming of the deceased from the above paragraph. I felt the presence of an unrecognizable spirit in my home for a couple of days. When it first happened, I felt fear for a minute, yet I knew my home is protected from energetic intruders. What was strange is that my cat, Merlin, slept next to me for the majority of the night during this time, when it’s usually my kitty, Rhiannon. Ah, Merlin my protector! Understanding of what was occurring became clearer in my dreams.

Dreaming of My High School Crush 

I was with Jimmy Muller in a very messy room, dishes in the sink, and empty pizza boxes. He said to me, “That life was hard and he had moved too many times.”

Another scene was when I was with his sister, Cindy, who had a letter for me from Jimmy that I felt impatient to read. But she showed me a card he wrote to a woman I didn’t know.

Did He Die?

Upon awakening, I was totally baffled by why I dreamed of him when I hadn’t thought of him in decades. I was so infatuated with him at sixteen; nevertheless, a love relationship between us wasn’t in the cards, no matter how much it wounded me way back then. Jimmy did become a close friend; although life circumstances parted us in our twenties as he went on to become married with children, and I choose a different lifestyle of personal/spiritual growth.

After pondering what could it mean, I decided to go on Facebook to see if I could find him because maybe he was in trouble or perhaps had died – I hoped not! He wasn’t there, so a messaged a friend. She told me that he passed away last year from lung cancer, while confirming that he did have a hard life with a divorce and issues with alcohol.

Spirits in dreams timing

You may be wondering why it took so long for him to contact me when he passed away last year. Spirits are not trapped in time and space like we are. Another reason is some people who cross over need to go through a healing process before they can acclimate to the great beyond. And here you thought that when you die all you had to do was eat bonbons and chill out with God. Ha! There’s work for you to do over there, too.

Message for Sister

Part of my dream’s message was about his sister, Cindy; incidentally, I was an instrument in God’s plan to introduce them to each other back when I was sixteen. Decades later, it was time for me to pass on a message to her. I requested to be friends with her on Facebook and messaged her about my dreams. The next morning I knew it was his spiritual presence I felt, he wanted to give us both the message of love and to his sister the word forgiveness, which I also let her know.

My Personal Message

Fast forward a few days later, I wondered why I didn’t receive more of a personal message from Jimmy, when I remembered another scene from the dreams of him that I had forgotten about.

Dream Interpretation for Beginners Udemy

We were sitting next to each other in pajama bottoms when someone came along and criticized our clothing. I responded that I was comfortable and he agreed while putting that person in their place, I felt an energetic bonding between us.

Are you thinking what in the world that was about? My business suits are pajamas, sweat pants, gym clothes, and other types of comfortable clothing since I work from home. Some people have criticized the type of work I do, along with the clothing I wear. I know the dream was symbolic of how he approved of my lifestyle and business.

Love Is Eternal 

Jimmy’s visitation is proof that love never dies! We all have hard times in life, yet don’t discount the sweetness in life either. Everyone has a choice on how to overcome hardship, as well as how to live our life. Every life teaches us how and how not to live; therefore no life is ever truly wasted. In the end, forgiveness and love is what really matters.

Jimmy Muller

Rest in peace, Jimmy Mueller, during your free time on the other side may you play your guitar, do artwork, and if you want – eat bonbons with God!

How about you, did a deceased loved one ever visit you in a dream? Please feel free to share your experience or any thoughts in the comments below. If you need help interpreting your visitation dream, please visit dream interpretation services.

Messages of Love from the Departed

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  1. I had a dream that really confuses me. My deceased parents were at a church I was at. They were very dressed up. Dad had a lovely black suit on and mom had a nice top and matching skirt peal necklace and earings. We were standing at the front of the church. People were still coming in and there was a lady setting to the right side. I did not look at her. But.I knew dad was going to set with her and even was going to move in with her until he died. I was upset and I said “dad you cant do this to mom” He hit me really hard in the chest and said” you don’t know what this is”.

  2. If your dad tells you it’s okay I’m here what is the message he is telling me in my dreams.

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