Got Problems? Solution Dreams to the Rescue

Unresolved issues can create havoc in your life, yet getting an answer for your predicament during your waking life could prove to be impossible. At times, we, humans, focus on the problem causing us to become overwhelmed; therefore, any ideas towards resolutions are blocked. This is why solution dreams are so beneficial. 

Solution Dreams

Problems Solved by Dreams

History of Solution Dreams

Throughout history, people have been using their dreams to find answers to their dilemmas. Some of these famous people were Albert Einstein, Elias Howe, and Joseph was freed from slavery by the Egyptian Pharaoh to become a high-ranking advisor.

A Canadian surgeon, Frederick Banting’s, mother died from diabetes, which inspired him to discover a cure. What is interesting is he had a dream where he watched surgery performed on the pancreas of a dog to block any nourishment from entering into the pancreas. This dream prompted him and his medical student, Charles H. Best, to do surgery on a dog’s pancreas and discovered the insulin in the hormones. Doing further experiments lead to using insulin to help cure diabetes. Frederick Banting and John Macleod were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1923. It’s truly amazing how that one dream led to aid an enormous part of the human population. Can you imagine if he never had that dream?

Get Your Solution

You can use solution dreams to help you with what to study in school, making career choices, improving your love life, solving money problems, where you should relocate to, or any other problems you need solutions to. Sometimes you will get answers in your dreams to your issues without asking, other times you must ask.

Here is how to request a resolution to your dilemma. Right before you go to bed write down your problems on a piece a paper, in your smart phone, or on a computer. If you prefer to just think about your issue that works too. Then ask for a solution to come into your dreams. I prefer to ask my Higher Source for help. Use whatever name you choose to call a Higher Source: God, Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Angel, and so forth. You may get your answer the first night or it could take anywhere from a few days to a week.

Pamela’s Solution Dream Example

Here’s a personal dream of mine from my book The Secret Language of Dreams that provided information to aid me in a career decision.


I used to do psychic readings for popular adviser lines. That line was like working at a fast food restaurant. I had one client after another, who wanted their information quickly, and some of them treated me poorly. A psychic friend of mine called those lines “minimum wages for psychics.”  One night I asked my guides, “Should I leave the line I was currently working for.” I dreamed that I was at an old bookkeeping job that I worked for in the early eighties. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe I was a bookkeeper, but it is a good skill to know for being self-employed.  Even though I learned a lot of lessons from that job, I was very unhappy there.  That dream represented my current position and gave me the courage and confidence to leave that line. I have never regretted it.

Please note how key my feelings of unhappiness helped provide the solution – it was time to leave. However, if I had been contented in my former job, that would have been a sign to stay.

Your Answer

Upon getting a solution dream pay special attention to your emotions, along with the actions occurring, and the symbols, which will help you to interpret the meaning of your dream. Just an FYI, there are times you won’t get an answer, for the reason it is not the right time to form a decision or the situation will sort its self out. If this happens to you, please don’t let that stop you from asking for a solution dream in the future.

Has a dream ever given you a direction to take in a situation? Would you be interested in experimenting with solution dreams? To learn more about solution dreams, along with other dream categories, check out the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. Are you baffled by what your dreams mean? You can obtain clarification with these dream interpretation services.

Got Problems Solution Dreams to the Rescue

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