Was it a Visitation Dream?

Perhaps you are wondering, was it a visitation dream I had last night? This is a question that brings hundreds of people each day to visit my blogs about dreams of the deceased and one I often hear from my clients.

Before answering was it a visitation dream, I feel it’s important to answer who can visit you in your dream. Depending upon your experiences and your beliefs, you could have a visitation from the following:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Parental guardian.
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Love partner.
  • Pets
  • Co-workers
  • Clients
  • Boss or Employees.
  • Spirit guide.
  • Angel
  • Archangel
  • Religious figure such as Jesus, Buddha, or Quan Yin.
  • Fairies, elves, or other elementals.
  • Your enemy (to help you make peace)

Was it a Visitation Dream? Signs That It Was

It is common for a loved one to visit you upon crossing over and up to a month afterwards. Although, they can visit beforehand to alert you of their upcoming death, during a special occasion, and/or months, years, or decades after their passing.

Here are eleven signs of a visitation dream:

  1. Your dream feels like a visit.
  2. There isn’t much action.
  3. You experience intense feelings of love.
  4. No words are spoken in the dream.
  5. You and your visitor have a brief conversation.
  6. In the dream there is telepathic communication.
  7. Your visitor lets you know they are okay.
  8. There’s a desire to make peace with one another.
  9. They use symbolism, yet it is a short dream.
  10. There is an inner knowing that this is more than a regular dream.
  11. Your loved one is healthier or younger than they were at the time of passing.
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Was it a Visitation Dream? Signs That It Wasn’t

Please note that even if it wasn’t a visitation, your dream is still important to ponder upon and analyze the dream meaning. Why? This dream is to help you resolve issues with whoever showed up in your dream to bring peace into your life.

Here are nine signs that it wasn’t a visitation dream:

  1. You are dreaming of a past event.
  2. There are a lot of dream scenes.
  3. This dream isn’t loving or peaceful.
  4. The dream has much action that can be unpleasant.
  5. You or your visitor are angry and/or behaving badly.
  6. It feels like you are having a normal dream.
  7. There is a ton of symbolism in the dream.
  8. The dream doesn’t make sense or is totally wacky.
  9. Your loved one looks the same at the time of a past event or when they crossed over.

Is everything that I have written on how to tell the difference of was it a visitation dream written in stone? Not necessarily. These are guidelines for you to use.

A Combination of a Visitation Dream and Unresolved Issues

We often dream in one or more dream categories; for instance, a health dream and solution dream. Therefore, it’s possible to have a visitation and unresolved issues within the same dream period. Why?

Let’s say you are having a dream about the past when your deceased mother was unsupportive and wanted you to stay with your abusive ex-husband. This dream came about because you still feel hurt and resentment that your mother believed your ex wasn’t abusive, instead of believing and helping you. Your dream becomes a beacon to your departed mom. Perhaps it’s for her own healing, love for you, or heavenly job to comfort you during your distressing dream. Your mom pops into the next dream scene to help you forgive her, thus bringing peace into your life.

This can also happen the other way. Your recently departed dog visits you in the dream to alert that she is okay; for a moment you feel peace and joy that Bella is in peace. Yet, because you haven’t grieved over Bella’s death, in the next dream scene you return to the memory of putting her down at the vet.

Final Words

Hopefully the answer to was it a visitation dream will bring you peace or the courage to overcome your unresolved issues. If you would like another visitation, check out my $3.00 meditation for a Dream Visitation From a Deceased Loved One.

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