Dream Interpretation and Lenormand Cards Similarities

Before going into dream interpretation and Lenormand cards similarities, let’s talk about their differences. They are like night and day as we usually dream at night and our dreams are nonphysical. While Lenormand cards are read when we are awake in their physical format. We can hold the cards in our hands, but not our dreams. Lastly, the majority of people will view them as completely different from one another.

Three Dream Interpretation and Lenormand Cards Similarities

It was a dream that led me to Lenormand cards, which inspired me to create a deck in memory of my cat, Merlin. Now, I am in the process of becoming a certified Lenormand reader. This certification program has enabled me to see the real similarities between interpreting dreams and using Lenormand cards for guidance.

These are three main similarities I have discovered so far:


Symbolism in dreams can be compared to the foundation of a house, as both are needed to build upon, whether that’s an interpretation or a home. The symbols in Lenormand are even more important; not only are these symbols the foundation of a house, they are the floors, walls, and sometimes the roof.

Symbols in dream interpretation and Lenormand cards are similar in offering an enormous amount of possible messages. Let’s use the house as an example.

House Lenormand
From Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand

Samples of house meanings in Lenormand are:

  • Home
  • Family
  • Heritage
  • Home business
  • Hermit
  • Roommates

In dream interpretation a house could be symbolic for:

  • All of the above meanings for Lenormand house.
  • Moving
  • Childhood issues.
  • Time to settle down.
  • A career in real estate.
  • Your body with different meanings depending on what floor or rooms you dream of.

Nevertheless, there are many more possibilities of what a house could be symbolic for.

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Many Meanings Depending Upon

In both systems, there are countless meanings and messages. Symbols are only one part of dream interpretation and Lenormand. Let’s look at other factors that are involved:

Lenormand Cards

Besides symbols there are:

  • Pips
  • Card numbers.
  • Different Layouts.
  • Cards placement.
  • Themes – relationships, money, health, and so forth.

An example is the snake card.

Snake Lenormand
From Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand

For most Lenormand readers the snake card has a negative meaning. Then there are readers who read pips, the Queen of Clubs on this card is for an excellent business woman who can be ruthless at times; for example, the character Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada” movie. However, if a three card layout for the question how to grow your business is the snake, heart, and star – a possible interpretation could be it’s important to work hard at what you love about your business to become well known in your industry.

Dream Interpretation

Apart from symbols, it’s important to observe in your dream:

  • Emotions you felt.
  • Actions in dream.
  • Other symbols.
  • People in the dream.
  • Past experience.
  • Present circumstances.
  • Possible future.
  • Dream categories.

Obviously, I have a mega amount of blogs on this topic. Yet, let’s use the snake symbol again to demonstrate how meanings change:

In your dream you felt happy holding a snake, it might mean that you’re in for a happy transformation in life. Then your ex runs in with an ax and chops the snake in half causing you the emotion of anger; therefore, the message will change. This could mean not to allow your past experiences with your ex stop you from experiencing a joyful change. Or perhaps it’s an actual warning that he enjoys bringing havoc into your life?

Enhances Growth

The most important dream interpretation and Lenormand cards similarities are that they accelerate our personal and spiritual growth. How? By:

  1. Solving problems.
  2. Receiving guidance.
  3. Inspiring changes.
  4. Going deeper within.
  5. Validating your intuition.
  6. Discovering who you are.
  7. Trusting a Higher Source.

These seven reasons are wonderful reasons to learn dream interpretation and/or how to read Lenormand cards.

In Conclusion

Do you now understand their similarities? Perhaps it will motivate you to learn and study dream interpretation or Lenormand.

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Similarities of dream interpretation and Lenormand

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