Dream that Led to Lenormand Cards

I had a compelling dream that led to Lenormand cards! It was a combination of a solution and precognitive dreams. Plus, this interesting dream showcased how a symbol can be a play on words and how the amount of time varies to reveal a precognitive message.

Dream that Led to Lenormand Cards

On this night I had a few dreams about oracle cards, which played a part in the puzzle of discovering a solution for my upcoming fourth deck.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

I entered a car from the passenger side and was about to crawl into the driver side, when some alien grabbed me in a chokehold. Either this alien didn’t appear in the physical or I don’t remember its appearance. What I do remember is the feeling of this isn’t a human being. Next the alien shouted, “Don’t you hurt my child!” Shocked that he thought I would even do this, I responded, “I would never hurt a child.”

In the next scene, I was in someone’s lab type room showing items I had somehow acquired from the alien to the person in charge. We put a jacket up on the computer screen to examine it.

Now, you’re are probably wondering how the heck did this dream lead to Lenormand cards? This is why knowing what has occurred and is happening in your life is relevant to dream analysis.

Analyze Your Dreams oracle cards
Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Deck

Pamela’s Background and Current Information

In the mid-nineties, I began to learn tarot cards, then later incorporated oracle cards into my education. Today I “only” own twelve tarot decks, twenty-seven oracle decks, and two rune sets (not really my thing). Also, at this time I have created three oracle decks.

As some of you may know, my cat, Merlin, crossed over on February 6, 2021. Merlin’s life and passing inspired me to write the blogs Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death and My Baby Boy, Merlin. At the time of his death, I decided to create a deck to honor his life. However, I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Maybe a deck using the twenty-two arcana of the tarot and some extras?

The next morning after my oracle and alien dreams, I thought about them, yet didn’t feel the need to interpret them. Rather, I felt inspired to focus on the way to proceed with the deck of Merlin and reviewed the beginnings of a possible Fool card I created; nevertheless, something felt off.

I went to The Game Crafter to check out different boxes that could work for a deck of twenty some cards without much success. Then I went to their oracle and tarot page to check out people’s decks. All of a sudden, I felt compelled to investigate these Lenormand Cards section on Game Crafters that I never paid attention to. I always thought they were a type of tarot deck, yet they are not at all.

Interpretation of a Dream that Led to Lenormand Cards

The Lenormand cards are an alien concept to me, which goes to show that you can’t take dream symbols literally. When the alien was choking me and telling me not to hurt his child, this was symbolic to stay true to the Lenormand thirty-six cards’ path without hurting the original concept (some decks have more than thirty-six cards). While the child was also my fur child and to be true to Merlin’s expression at the same time.

Because of my action of entering the car on the passenger side this dream showcases how I am a Lenormand student desiring to be seated in the expert’s seat.

The dream scene in the lab is a message for me to study the simple symbols that are very different than tarot and oracle, yet at the same time universal. Also, to investigate Lenormand on the internet from the experts. And of course to experiment with these cards because that’s what labs are for.

What’s interesting about the jacket on the computer is that I was kept being brought back to the Cute Little Lenormand book and deck during my research on the internet. We went to a store where I wasn’t sure they even heard of Lenormand cards. Guess what they had just got it stock? Yuppers, the cutie cards, which uses jackets for the man and woman cards.

This dream blessed me with a solution and a short future forecast!

In Lenormand Conclusion

Although the Lenormand cards are an alien concept to me, I’m catching on quickly and enjoy learning this simple yet complex fortune telling tool. It helps that I’m a dream interpreter and psychic, too. Plus, I’m continuing to have Lenormand dreams. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Please feel free to leave your Lenormand experiences in the comments. If you need help interpreting a dream to find out its meaning, visit my dream interpretation services page.

Here’s the deck I created the deck in honor of Merlin! Learn more about the deck and purchase it at the Game Crafter by clicking Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand.

Merlin's Purrfect Lenormand
Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand
A Compelling Dream that Led to Lenormand cards

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