Intuition for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning

If you are unsure of what an image message is, use your intuition for the correct dream symbol meaning that feels spot on to you. One symbol can have many interpretations. Sadly, many people won’t take a moment to reflect on what a dream symbol means to them. Instead they instantly click on a dream dictionary app. If you must do this, please allow your intuition to guide you to choose one of the definitions listed in the app that feels right to you. Don’t be surprised if none of them do. This is what happened to me decades ago when I researched symbols in a dream dictionary book. The author was off on so many of my symbols that I donated her book.

Intuition for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning

If you are already in touch with your intuition, please scroll down to the two exercises to help you find your correct dream symbol meaning.

For those of you who are unsure if you’re truly in touch with your intuition or if it’s just your ego, here’s three ways to tell the difference:

  1. Intuition is soft and quiet, while the ego is loud.
  2. Intuition happens quickly, yet ego keeps going…
  3. Intuition often doesn’t make sense, but the ego has a million reasons why it’s right.
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Intuition can come across as a so-called irrational fear or being suspicious of someone. It may occur as a knowing, a gut feeling, or a chill in a warm room. However your intuition happens, it’s important to learn to trust it. For instance when you intuitively get to:

  • Take an umbrella on a sunny day.
  • Drive the back roads instead of the highway to go home.

Perhaps, there’s an accident that causes a traffic jam for hours. Or your car breaks down and it’s safer and easier to pull over on the back roads. The reason you take an umbrella was an unexpected rain shower. Or a mugger saw it, realized you wouldn’t be an easy target, and picked another victim. You never know!

It takes time to trust your intuition. It doesn’t help when people tell you’re wrong. Here’s an article from my other website about Trusting Your Intuition Despite Other’s Opinions.

Two Exercises for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning.

Use one or both exercises to find your symbol message.


Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Then visualize, feel, or just know the symbol is there. Ask what does this symbol means and allow the answer to come without thinking of the answer. You might receive a memory to connect the symbol with, hear a song lyric, see a scene out of a movie, or just know the answer.

Continue this exercise for every dream you remember. Until the day arrives that you intuitively know the symbol message without doing the exercise.


This exercise is for those of you who use a dream dictionary app or book. If there is more than one interpretation for a dream symbol, practice each meaning separately. Close your eyes and review the symbol that was in your dream. Then take the dream app’s meaning for the symbol.

What does your intuition tell you about this meaning for your symbol? Don’t think of it, instead allow the answer to come. You may hear a no, feel a bad pressure in your gut, receive a different meaning, or an inner ding of yes this is correct. Continue to do practice this with the app/book’s other interpretation of your dream symbol.

In time you may delete the dream dictionary app or toss the book. Whether or not you stop using a dream dictionary, please practice exercise one, too.

Final Thoughts

Remember a symbol is only one step for dream analysis. Once you become comfortable using your intuition for the correct dream symbol meaning, take the next step and apply it to interpreting your dreams!

Please check out my other blog post for more information on dream analysis. If you need additional help, click on dream interpretation services. For those who like to do it themselves, visit the shop page for books, oracle cards, online courses, and meditations.

Use Intuition for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning

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