Nightmares Help You Grow

The idea that nightmares help you grow is a foreign concept to many people. In fact, I have received nasty responses about a Pinterest pin that uses the below quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. Sadly, those who were upset, couldn’t comprehend the positives from an uncomfortable dream. Many of these pinners went on to describe their awful nightmares.

Nightmares are a gift because the person is being forced awake to look at an issue that they have been avoiding to find a solution.

Pamela Cummins

One person even accused me of never having a nightmare because if I did, I would not have written that quote. When in reality it was my nightmares that inspired:

  • My journey of personal and spiritual growth.
  • My desire to learn dream interpretation.
  • My repressed psychic abilities to resurface.

Therefore, my nightmares were one of the greatest gifts I ever received!

How Nightmares Help You Grow

Here are two ways nightmares accelerate your growth:

Bypass Your Denial

It’s natural to protect ourselves in a blanket of denial to prevent pain and change. However, we would remain stagnant. Higher Source or whatever you choose to call him/her, wants us to remove blocks that interfere with our spiritual growth. Signs are given to people in the daytime, in dreams, and finally – BAM! In our nightmares!

We humans have denial when it comes to:

  • Relationships.
  • Career and business.
  • Money issues.
  • Health issues.
  • Our defects.
  • Our assets.
  • And more…
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Face Your Fears

Nightmares shine a spotlight of what we’re most afraid of to assist us to move forward. There’s a saying that fear is false events appearing real. And quite honestly, even if it’s real, fear blocks our personal and spiritual growth.

Fear stops us from:

  • Starting or leaving a relationship.
  • Escaping a dead end career.
  • Taking care of finances.
  • Seeking help for addiction, mental health, or medical issues.
  • Stopping bad habits.
  • Finding the good within ourselves.
  • And more…

Rewards of Facing Your Nightmares

How nightmares help you grow is discovering what your nightmare is truly about. Once you know what it is, whether the nightmare stems from denial or fear, it’s time to deal with the issue or issues. This usually takes time and rarely happens overnight. I know, you what it over and done with; nevertheless, allow this process to unfold without a time limit.

Use one or more of this steps:

  • Talk to a coach or counselor.
  • Acknowledge and feel your emotions without becoming stuck in them.
  • Create a plan.
  • Take baby steps no matter how terrified you are.
  • Stop unhealthy behaviors and situations.
  • Focus on your positive qualities.
  • Make the changes for a joyful and peaceful life.

Final Thoughts

Can you understand how nightmares help you grow? Nightmares aren’t a punishment; they are gifts alerting you to unhealthy behaviors or situations that are detrimental to your personal and spiritual growth. Therefore, the next time you have a nightmare – find the lesson in it.

If you desire to free up head space from nightmares, allow me to assist you with the clarity of your nightmares that leads to peace of mind. Please click to learn more about my dream interpretation services.

 Nightmares Help You Grow

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