Dream Meanings for Boundary Setting

The idea to do a blog about dream meanings for boundary setting came from a recent post I did on LinkedIn. A connection commented how she never thought making boundaries would appear in a dream. However, our daytime actions may trigger nighttime dreams, while giving solution steps to take. Here’s the quote from my first book, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships.

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Before going into the dream analysis aspect, these are four important areas of boundary setting:

  1. Physical – to protect your body and possessions.
  2. Emotions – to safeguard your emotional wellbeing.
  3. Mind – to protect your mental state.
  4. Spiritual – to safeguard your spirituality.

Dream Meanings for Boundary Setting

When it comes to dream symbols for creating boundaries the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples:

  • Brick wall.
  • Fence.
  • To walk or run away from a person, object or whatever.
  • A human talking, yelling, punching, kicking, and more actions.
  • A cat’s hissing, growling, swatting, scratching, or biting.
  • A dog barking, growling, biting, or digging.
  • Any animal attack.
  • The word no.
  • Water, fire, wind, or Earth that is separating you from a living creature, material thing, or whatever.
  • A vehicle that drives or flies away from someone, item, or whatever.
  • To block or delete a person on social media.

Yet another reason not to rely on a dream dictionary app or book. Rather go within to what a symbol means to you and how it relates to your own life.

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Different Levels of Your Boundary Setting

Let’s use an example to showcase a dream meanings for boundary setting. This partial dream of mine will help in determining where the dreamer is at in their boundary making journey.

A man picks up your purse and jacket, then moves it to another area.

Beginner at Boundary Setting

Please note this is not to insult anyone with their inability to create boundaries. I’ve been there because I wasn’t taught how to set limits and had to learn it from scratch. If someone is a just starting on this journey, the following actions may happen:

  • Sit on the floor and cry.
  • Apologize to the man for their belongings being in their way.
  • Leave because they’re too scared to get their belongings or confront the person.

Intermediate at Boundary Setting

Sometimes we can proceed from not being able to set limits to the other end of being too extreme. I’ve been there and done that. This is normal as it assist us in discovering a happy medium. These actions can happen to someone who practice creating boundaries:

  • Scream at the man for moving their possessions.
  • Press charges for attempted robbery.
  • Stamp their feet and make other noises while retrieving the purse and jacket.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

Now, I’ve been setting boundaries for decades and for the most part I’m at a more advanced stage in my journey. Here’s the full dream that I had:

As I was walking over to retrieve my purse and jacket, some man picked up my purse and jacket and moved them to another area. I grabbed my possessions, then looked at him while telling him, “Don’t touch my things.” When I walked away I muttered under my breath – as*hole.

Calling him an as*hole wasn’t appropriate, yet remember I said for the most part I’m balanced in setting boundaries. The good news is I spoke in a calm voice while taking my property back.


Honestly, I feel this dream was an environment dream triggered by earlier event. Even so let’s do three possible interpretations:

  • To protect and not allow anyone to mess with my money nor identity.
  • A precognitive dream alerting me to the fact that someone may attempt to mess with my things.
  • This could be my inner male (logical) desiring to move and change my treasures and who I am. While my inner female (intuition) is blocking my inner male and taking charge.

Final Thoughts on Dream Meanings for Boundary Settings

Whether it’s during the day or in our nighttime dreams, boundaries are important. Allow yourself time, practice, and making mistakes in setting your limits. Giggle, at times it’s okay to call someone an as*hole.

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