Are Dream Dictionaries’ Interpretations Right or Wrong?

During the writing of my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams a psychic friend automatically assumed it would be a dream dictionary, which it isn’t. Another time, I was a guest on a radio show mentioning how dream dictionaries are too generic for the correct symbolism while giving alternatives on how to interpret your dreams. When I finished speaking the host said, “I always used the dream app on my phone to find the meaning of my dreams.” Ah, duh, dream apps and dream dictionaries are the same thing. Yet, are dream dictionaries interpretations right or wrong? 

Dream Dictionaries’ Interpretations Right or Wrong

Why do people love dream dictionaries so much? Because it’s a quick reference guide. We are living in an age of – instant: fast food, phone text, instant hookups for so-called intimacy, and whatever else we want NOW! Sometimes faster isn’t better: fast food can be unhealthy, phone text can cause serious miscommunication or misinterpretation, while instant hookups can result in sexual transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

There are times dream interpretations could be a no-brainer to figure out as my July 2017 column for Bellesprit can attest to; however, analyzing a dream is often more complex. Dream dictionaries are not taking your emotions, your life history, nor other situations into consideration. 

Engagement Ring Example

Engagement Rings Many Dream Meanings

You dream a man hands you an engagement ring.

A dream dictionary will go into how it could mean that your relationship is going into a deeper commitment, you will be attending a wedding, a man is in love with you, or is expressing his love for you. The dictionary might suggest if the ring is broken it means that his love for you is incomplete. All those meanings make sense and might even be right for your dream. Yet, what was your feeling in the dream?

If you were ecstatic that would be a wonderful sign, although if you were angry or gloomy this would indicate an entirely different meaning. What about his emotions? His joyful feelings would be a reason to celebrate; however, a jealous man may be asking you to become his wife so he can control you. Can you understand how the feelings in a dream effect one dream scene?

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People’s Past

Now, let’s take people’s past to observe how it changes the engagement ring symbol.

  1. This would be a nightmare if a man had three horrible marriages.
  2. How upsetting this dream would be for a woman who was recently left at the altar.
  3. A mother who has been waiting years for her daughter to get married so she can become a grandmother, would be ecstatic having this dream about her daughter.

I hope these three examples give you an idea of how our personal life’s history can alter the meaning of a dream.

Dream Dictionaries Assets 

So what are dream dictionaries useful for? This a good beginning point to start to understand your unique symbolism; in fact, compare them to learning how to count. You certainly wouldn’t expect somebody who just learned how to count to know how to subtract, multiply, divide, nor be able to do calculus. There is no instant in dream symbolism or dream analysis; nevertheless, it is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue.

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Are Dream Dictionaries Interpretations Right or Wrong

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