Shoes Dream Meanings

“I cried because I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet” ~ Saadi

Have you ever had dreams about shoes? Shoes are important to protect our feet from stepping on anything that could harm them; therefore, shoes are symbolic of protection. Most likely, protecting your body or an Earthly possession. If you’re curious about the dream meanings of feet, please read my blog post Dream Interpretation for Feet

Seven Dream Meanings For Shoes 

  1. Not feeling grounded as your feet are covered.
  2. If shoes are worn out, you could feel worn out or there is a worn out situation in your life.
  3. Shoes that feel heavy may signify something heavy in your life that you’re dragging around.
  4. New shoes may symbolize an opportunity to move forward.
  5. Shoes that pinch or are too small can mean that you have outgrown a situation.
  6. Sandals could stand for being causal or the need for relaxation.
  7. High heels meaning may be going to a higher level.

Once again, I would like to point out that one dream symbol could have hundreds of meanings, for everyone’s life experience and their current situation is different. Add in the person’s feelings and/or other symbol and now there are thousands of possible meanings.

High Heels Dream Symbolism

Dream Example

Let’s expand on how a shoe symbol would have different meanings for different people by the following example:

A person is wearing high heels.

If a man was wearing high heels in a dream, most likely he would feel uncomfortable while trying not to fall. 

However, that dream would show a deeper meaning for a man who had been suppressing his desire to dress up in women’s clothing.

A woman, who has a shoe addiction, may feel the thrill of wearing a new pair of shoes. Or another meaning is she needs to wear a pair of heels she already owns.

Pamela’s Dream

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

The following dream is a personal dream from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams found in the precognitive dreams’ chapter. This dream from 1992 illustrates how my past work situation, feelings, and other symbols can affect a shoe’s dream meaning:

I had just finished watching the first part of a movie and was very excited to watch the second half. A couple of the salesmen and the service manager were there. One of the salesmen told me not to bother watching the second half – that it was not worth it. I was upset and angry because I really wanted to watch it. I looked over to where the service manager was sitting, then the bottom of service manager’s shoe really stood out, I noticed there was a hole and another little hole was starting.

I woke from that dream knowing exactly what it meant because I had been working with symbolism of dreams for a number of years. The first part of the movie was my life up to then. The second part of the movie was what my life could be like in the future. The salesman (who represented certain people and also mainstream ideas) telling me not to bother meant to stay stuck where I was, which made me upset and angry because I was unhappy there. The holes in the service manager’s shoe were the analogy that the job was giving me a “hole in my soul,” and the little hole symbolized that if I stayed the damage to my soul would only get worse. After I had that dream I continued my education in the healing and psychic arts. In 1993, I left that job and began my own private practice.

Hopefully, now you understand how your dream about shoes is not as easy as scrolling through a dream dictionary, instead it’s your own unique message.

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Discover Shoes Dream Meanings

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