Dream Interpretation for Feet

When I think about feet what comes to my mind is be where you’re feet are. Feet are necessary in order for humans to be able to stand, walk, run, or do any type of physical activity. Think about what our feet are able to withstand every day; they sure are powerful. This is why it’s important to understand the dream interpretation for feet. 

If you look up the dream meaning you could find some of the following interpretations:

Dream Interpretation for Feet 

  1. Being grounded, stable, and independence.
  2. Time to move forward.
  3. Stuck in an area of your life.
  4. Bare feet means you will experience impoverishment.
  5. Feet being washed is doing service work.
  6. Despair, when it’s your own feet (giggle).
  7. Injured feet is symbolic for being sinful (LOL).

Out of all those dream meanings the first three interpretations make the most sense; however, these explanations are not taking into account of the dreamer’s feelings, present circumstances, or life experience. Let’s examine more closely dreams about bare feet and washing feet to observe how emotions, what’s going on in our lives, or past events affect the dream meanings.

Dream Meanings for Feet

Bare Feet

Dream – You’re walking down a path in bare feet and step on a rock.

Feeling sadness in the dream might be signaling the dreamer is feeling exposed or unhappy in their life’s journey.

Present Circumstance
Someone contemplating a new work path would see the bare feet as being freer in the new position, while the rock may symbolize a minor or major obstacle (depending on the size of the rock) to achieve their goal.

Life Experience
If I was dreaming this dream more than likely I would use the rock to rub the arch of my feet, as in my waking life I love to massage my arch on tree stumps and rocks.

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Washing Feet

A woman may feel nausea washing a man’s feet, which could symbolize that she needs to stop giving her power away to the man, and stand on her own two feet.

Present Circumstance
Perhaps, a person has this dream because that day they visited a new yoga studio with dirty floors, and they scrubbed their feet afterwards.

Life Experience
This dream would be quite common to those who practice massage therapy or reflexology.

Dream meanings are like snowflakes as none are exactly alike. So what about you, did you ever have a dream about your feet?

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Dream Interpretation for Feet

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