How to Interpret Your Dreams Online Course

I’m thrilled to announce my new online course! So far I created one course; however, there will be more course videos in the future. Here’s a synopsis of How to Interpret Your Dreams:

This course will teach you how to start to understand your messages of the nighttime. First, you learn how to remember your dreams because you can’t do dream interpretation if you have no memory of them. Discover which type of dream journal works best for you. Understand why dream dictionaries and apps are too generic for your dream’s true meaning. Explore dream symbols and how to identify your unique symbolism. Learn the different categories of dreams, to recognize what style of dream you had as this makes dream analysis so much easier. Lastly, find out things you can do during the day to help you on your journey of learning the secret language of dreams.

Below is a brief promotional video and you can preview two more videos at How to Interpret Your Dreams


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