What’s Better Tarot or Lenormand?

Before I go into what’s better tarot or Lenormand, I would like to go over three points. The first is neither deck is evil nor the so-called devil’s work. Each card is as harmless as a greeting card. It’s your intention that counts! Let us focus on loving and positive energy for tarot cards and Lenormand cards.

The second point to look at is if someone is highly intuitive and has psychic abilities, why would they use these cards? To BYPASS THE EGO! This is especially true if you’re reading for yourself or someone you love. Your denial can come into play when less favorable information is being presented to you. A card or spread breaks through your denial and ego.

And last but not least, the third point. As an expert dream interpreter, I highly recommend both decks for learning symbolism. One card can have different meanings depending on the question, spread, and area of life. Lenormand and tarot will build your symbolism muscle better than any dream dictionary app.

What’s Better Tarot or Lenormand?

Please note that one blog post is not enough to fully learn tarot and Lenormand. Let me give you a brief description of each deck.

Lenormand Cards

I went through an intense certification course to become a Certified Lenormand Reader. We used the thirty-six Petit Jeu deck. However, you may choose to use other decks with more cards.

Pamela Cummins Certified Lenormand Reader

Lenormand cards usually have one symbol per card. Most folks will understand these symbols. For example, the Clover card means good luck. The meaning of the Clover Card can change if you choose to do a spread and what the cards next to it are.

Clover Card

A Lenormand reading gets right to the point and is excellent for everyday questions. Hence the reason readers consider Lenormand good for down to Earth type of questions.

Lenormand has many spreads that you can choose from, such as single lines of three, five, seven, or nine cards, crosses, portraits, and more… These spreads can be read horizontally and vertically from left to right or right to left, in squares, in diamond shapes, and in other formulas. Plus, we can read all spreads in any direction at any point within the spread. This is why one Grand Tableau spread (uses all thirty-six cards) can take an entire afternoon or more to read.

Tarot Cards

A friend got me started on tarot in the mid-90s. I learned tarot through self-study, meditating on each card, and a mega amount of practice. One recommendation is to sleep with your deck or individual cards under your pillow or on the nightstand to help the cards seep into your subconscious mind. I had the wildest dreams whenever I slept with my cards!

There are seventy-eight cards in tarot, twenty-two in the Major Arcana, and fifty-six in the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits (cups, wands, swords, and pentacles) that contain fourteen cards in each suit.

The Sun Card

Tarot is very esoteric, and within every card there are symbols in the background. We can use Tarot for everyday matters, but isn’t always direct, and often the meanings are of a spiritual reference. Let’s use the Sun card where in many decks the card’s picture has a sun, sunflowers, and a child sometimes on a horse. The main meaning of the Sun card is joy. However, during a reading, you’re drawn to the child on a horse and intuitively get that a new project is about to begin. Or the energy of the sunflowers stands out and you interpret its meaning to get out more in order to grow. Of course, the meaning will change depending on the cards next to them.

We read tarot spreads based on a certain layout. For instance, every reader reads the cards in Celtic Cross in the same order. Other spreads are also read in a particular order whether that’s three cards, five cards, horseshoe, or whatever spread.

Tarot vs Lenormand

So what’s better tarot or Lenormand? Honestly, it’s a matter of personal taste. Just like eBooks vs paperbacks. Some readers like the Earthiness of Lenormand while others like the esoteric energy of tarot. Either will give you the information you seek, but not in the same manner.

Personally, I think you should learn and experience both. This way, you have two methods of giving readings. Your intuition and psychic abilities will expand using tarot and Lenormand. And it’s fun!

For myself, there are times I use Lenormand more. Other times I prefer using tarot. Often I grabbed my Lenormand and tarot decks before a reading because I know my angels will direct me to which one to use. And sometimes I don’t use any deck cards a reading.

In Conclusion

My wish for you is to expand your psychic gifts and enjoy reading cards, whether you choose tarot or Lenormand. I love to hear your opinions about this in the comments.

Please check out a deck I created, Merlin’s Purrfect Lenormand, in memory of my beloved white cat. If you need a reading, I offer one-hour sessions and psychic readings by email.

Merlin's Purrfect Lenormand

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