My First Kickstarter

I never thought I do a Kickstarter, but here I am preparing for my first Kickstarter. It’s for my upcoming eighth book, Dream Interpretation for the Mystical Soul. There will also be other goodies and bargains.

Angelic and Dream Message

Months ago, out of the blue, my angel loudly told me, “Do a Kickstarter for your next book.” This message surprised me because I had no intention of doing so. I still had my doubts and asked for a solution dream if this was the right path for me. That night I dreamed:

I was sitting at my desk looking at the computer screen. A voice told me to, “Research Kickstarter.” This felt right, and I began researching it.

My angel’s and dreams’ messages have been spot on before; for example, to stop dyeing my hair. Thus, I began researching Kickstarter, joined the Kickstarter for Authors’ Facebook group, and read a couple of books about it. I’ve backed several campaigns to get a feel for how Kickstarter works, and I learned what to do and what not to do.

Kickstarter is a great platform for authors to go beyond the limits of a bookstore. We can offer our books, services, and other products in a matter that feels right to us. Of course, we need to be ethical and follow the platform’s rules.

Support for for My First Kickstarter

The advice for a Kickstarter campaign is to prelaunch your Kickstarter campaign for at least two weeks or more. People are notified as soon as it goes live. If you or someone you know are interested in the book, Dream Interpretation for the Mystical Soul, please follow it here for the latest updates. My plan is for the Kickstarter to go live in mid-October. You can back it for a dollar and receive a Cyber hug and my gratitude. The next tier is the eBook, and the rest of the tiers are a surprise.

Dream eBook

My first Kickstarter’s page will go into great detail about the book. Here’s a little teaser:

Would you like to use yoga, meditation, intuition, and different types of card decks to interpret your dreams? Pamela Cummins’ upcoming book Dream Interpretation for the Mystical Soul will teach you how. Plus, recognize if it’s really a dream from the deceased, a dream about the future, and other types of woo-woo dreams.

In Conclusion

There’s something for everyone on Kickstarter. You can find books, card decks, films, comic books, new inventions, and more… Some of these campaigns have items and deals that are only available on Kickstarter. It is fun receiving goodies before the public.

After my campaign, it will be at least three months before the book will be for sale at bookstores without the goodies. I would love to have your support during my first Kickstarter. Either way, I wish you sweet dreams.

How Kickstarter Works

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