Dreams Reveal Information to Prevent Health Problems

Dreams often send you messages of warning for an upcoming problem in your life. To recognize a premonition dream, please read and watch the video Did You Have a Precognitive Dream? In today’s blog post, I will focus on how dreams prevent health problems. But first, here is a quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams about why we have health dreams. 

Health Dreams

Client’s Dream to Prevent Health Problems

I dreamed that I was lying in a hospital bed with some type of medical contraption that was helping me breathe. I lit up a cigarette, inhaled it, and started coughing up blood. I heard someone say that I needed to stop smoking even though nobody was in the room. This made me afraid.


This was an easy dream to interpret, although my client needed confirmation that he should indeed stop smoking. When he asked who was speaking to him, my response was, “Either your Angel or spirit guide.” Hopefully, he quit smoking to avoid future health issues.

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Symbolic or Prevent Health Problems?

Do all health warning dreams have such a clear interpretation? At times; however, these dreams can also be symbolic. How can you tell if this is a precognitive health dream? By the following three ways:

  1. Intuitively, you feel this could happen.
  2. Remembering the dream vividly.
  3. Feeling that your health has been off lately.

So when is it not a warning health dream? There was no guidance or solution in the dream, the dream had multiple symbols or scenes not related to your health, or a recent medical checkup stated you are in perfect health.

When you experience this type of dream, should you book a doctor’s appointment? That depends on what the dream was about; however, if the dream is causing you fear and stress, then schedule a time to receive an expert’s diagnoses for peace of mind.

Contemplate any dream messages you received to maintain your health, although be certain your pursuit for healthy remedies doesn’t harm yourself and anyone around you. If you’re unsure of any guidance, ask your health care provider or Google the information.

Have you ever had a dream regarding your health? Feel free to share about it in the comments.

Did you experience a dream, yet can’t decipher if it’s a warning dream or understand the meaning?  Email or phone/Skype dream interpretation session are available. 

How Can Dreams Prevent Health Problems


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