Using Yoga to Interpret Your Dreams

Are you baffled by a dream’s meaning? Do you enjoy practicing yoga? Use yoga to interpret dreams by combined them both in a unique way to do dream interpretation. Please do this method at home.

Here’s how to do a yoga interpreting dream session: 

Yoga Poses for Dream Interpretation

Dream Meanings, YogaSit in a lotus or a cross legged seated position. Breathe deeply as you contemplate your dream. Set your intention that you will receive clarity on the dream meanings at the end of your practice.

Stand in mountain pose while doing ten deep cleansing breaths.
mountain pose, dream symbols

To assist you refrain on analyzing your dream, instead of allowing the answers to be revealed – do poses to keep your head below your heart. In each of the following poses breathe deeply five to ten times before moving on to the next one.

From mountain pose, do a forward fold.

yoga interpret dream meanings

Then do a half forward fold.

 Dream interpretation with yoga poses

Next, move into downward dog.

Understanding dream meanings yoga

Put your knees to floor, sit in a seated position as you record your answers with pen and paper, a recording device, or smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Dream Interpretation Services

Let’s say during forward fold, you receive the answers to your dream meanings. You have a choice of two options. The first to repeat your insights over and over as a mantra until sitting back in a seated position to document the answer. Secondly, stop the practice to record your dreams meaning, then continue your practice. Interruptions do happen during a yoga home session all the time, as I can attest to when I do my meows on the mat. 

Meows on the Mat
Yoga with Merlin

SavasanaPerhaps you didn’t receive an answer? No worries, continue with sun salutations or other poses. Once you have finished with the physicality of your practice, allow yourself to breathe deeply into Savasana. Again, don’t force an interpretation, instead let go. You may get an answer during Savasana, later that night, or in a day or two.

Lastly, if you still don’t have your interpretation, use the techniques from this blog Got Problems? Solution Dreams to the Rescue. Or if that doesn’t work, you could purchase an email dream interpretation.

Interpret Your Dreams with Yoga Poses

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