How a Clean Bedroom Helps Dream Recall

One response I hear the most when I tell people I’m a dream interpreter is – I can’t remember my dreams. Sometimes somebody wonders if they dream at all as they never recall their them. Which I reply, “Of course you did. Your body has to dream in order to have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or you would be dead. REM also happens to cats and other animals.”

Remembering your dreams is possible if you start using your dream recall muscle. Just like you have workout clothes for the gym or tools to help you with a project, there are things you can do to aid you when trying to retain your dreams of the nighttime. A clean sleeping area is the first step.

Are you thinking, what does that have to do with me being able to remember my dreams? Think about it, have you ever tried to find something in a messy drawer or room, and not be able to locate it? Your sleeping environment has the same effect to keep your dreams hidden.

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Also a messy bedroom can trigger unpleasant dreams or even nightmares as our environment has an effect on our dreams. Let your first dream recall be a pleasant dream experience.

When you do remember your dreams, it’s important to record them in your journal, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or voice recording device – ASAP. Valuable dream insights can quickly fade away; therefore, don’t waste time, in a half-awake state, searching for your dream recorder in a messy bedroom or wherever you sleep.

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To remember your dreams clean bedroom

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